Here's how Coronavirus lockdown will change our eating habits

Updated on Apr 07, 2020 02:20 PM IST  |  948.3K
Here's how Coronavirus lockdown will change our eating habits
Here's how Coronavirus lockdown will change our eating habits

Most of the countries have implemented lockdown to contain the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. This lockdown period has made us strictly stay at home and have home-cooked food only. Apart from these two, there have been several other positive changes in our life and society like a healthy lifestyle, pollution less environment, etc.

Among all these changes, this lockdown period has played a major role in changing our eating habits. We have to depend now on home-cooked foods only as outside food places have almost been shut down. Fruits and veggies have been added to our diet list, etc. These eating habits will benefit us in future as well.


Eating Habits for Lockdown: Here’s how lockdown will change the way we eat.

Having home-cooked foods mostly

Earlier, most of us preferred to eat outside at a restaurant. But now, the imposed quarantine situation has left us with only one option and that is to have only home-cooked food.

Healthy eating

People are eating more fruits and veggies to increase their immune system to stay healthy during this pandemic outbreak. This habit of eating fruits and vegetables will later benefit us to stay active.

Foods safety matters

COVID-19 fear has increased the awareness of food safety among people. They now take extra care to maintain the hygiene level for being safe during this crisis. This awareness may increase the preference for buying packaged or canned foods among people.


Lesser consumption of meat and fish

Since this entire public health crisis started from a fish market in China, people have been more conscious about buying fish and meat. So, people may become more conscious in future while purchasing fish and meat from the market.  

Preference for local foods

After this pandemic is controlled, people may rely on local foods only rather than buying any foreign foods. Easily available local foods will be their first preference to stay out of danger.