Here's how to make it fun for your kids to maintain oral hygiene habits

Here are tips on how to make it fun for your kids to maintain oral hygiene habits.

Updated on Mar 26, 2022 02:38 AM IST  |  339.7K
Dental care tips for children
Here's how to make it fun for your kids to maintain oral hygiene habits
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Early on, oral health is really important, that is the age when children have the opportunity to be both physically and mentally fit. You must have good dental health in order to be physically active and digest meals efficiently. Let us pay more attention to children's oral hygiene so that they do not suffer from tooth decay in the future, says Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Riddhi Katara.

She adds that kids are more drawn to sweets, pastries, and candies because this is their favourite part of childhood, therefore we cannot fully exclude them. Rather than focusing more on their behaviours, we can really help them with their dental health.

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Nowadays, tooth decay is the most common problem. Plaque, a stick biofilm consisting of food particles and bacteria, begins to build up in the mouth and causes tooth decay. Plaque produces acids from the meals and drinks we consume, eroding enamel and making teeth more prone to disease. Parents must continue to clean their children's teeth until they are old enough to undertake the duty on their own. Children do not have the motor control or attention to detail required to brush correctly until they are six or seven years old.

Tongue thrust occurs when the tongue pushes forward too much in the mouth, causing in an open bite, an incorrect orthodontic condition. Tongue thrusting is a learned behaviour that can only be addressed by teaching a kid a new swallowing pattern that does not include the use of the tongue as a seal. Every youngster has a tendency of sucking their thumb. At a young age, it is a rather typical and healthy practice, but it can lead to several frequent disorders, such as thumb thrusting. Children have an innate urge to suck, which they frequently satisfy by sucking on their hand or fingers or by sucking on a pacifier. However, it does cause issues when children are involved. Baby teeth fully develop. The pressure applied to their front teeth by the habit can cause them to protrude, increasing the child's chance of developing an overbite and speech impairment. Parents need to teach them to give up their habit in an appropriate manner.

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Let's have a look at how parents may make dental hygiene an enjoyable activity for their children:

-Allow them to pick their own toothbrush.

-Choose a flavour of toothpaste that the child will enjoy. 

-Give your youngster something in return for cleaning his or her teeth.

-Set creative alarm clocks to remind them to clean their teeth at the proper time.

-Parents should brush alongside their children to make it more enjoyable and to accompany them.

-Brushing can also be made more enjoyable by using electric brushes.

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