Here's how THESE daily things impact your immune system in a negative way

Low immunity makes us prone to various health issues, hence it's essential to take care of our immune system daily. Read below to find out some daily activities that have a negative effect on our immune system and why we should avoid them.
Here's how THESE daily things impact your immune system in a negative way
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Do you fall sick frequently? Do you have a sensitive nose and sneeze almost daily? If the answer to these questions is yes, then, unfortunately, your immunity is low. And with the cold and flu season in full swing and with coronavirus cases on the rise, having a healthy immune system has become the need of the hour. While, as per you, you might be correctly doing everything. However, some daily habits might hamper your immunity in multiple ways.


There are certain things that we do on a daily basis that don't work in favour of our body, which then causes a toll on our immunity. If you are feeling quite often than usual, then you might be doing these things in excess. Read below to find out how common everyday mistakes can weaken your immune system.


Here are some daily mistakes that can impact our immune system.


Eating processed food:


If you are constantly eating food rich in carbs, refined sugar and salt, then that can make it tough for your immune system to do its job. Processed foods combat the good bacteria in your gut, making your gut sensitive to bad bacteria. Hence, it's better to avoid processed food daily, and include the intake of vitamin D and soluble fibre, since they activate the infection-fighting T cells.


Not following a sleep cycle:


Sleeping at least six to eight hours at night is essential, however, if you don't do so, then, that again takes a toll on your immune system. It is so because when you sleep well the body releases cytokines- a protein that protects the body against infection and inflammation. If you don't sleep well, your body cannot produce enough cytokines, which can make it harder for the immune system to fight the bacteria and virus.


Skipping workout:



If you are not working out daily and are sneezing almost daily, then it means that you are not fit. As per research, working out regularly enhances immunity. Exercise increases both antibodies and white blood cells, which allows your body to target the infection and fight it off effectively.


Not caring much about oneself:



Stress, wrong lifestyle choices and other things impact the functioning of the immune system. As per research, positive mindset and self-compassion lead to a stronger immune system. Easy ways to boost self-love are to meditate, express gratitude and set aside time each day for an activity that brings you joy.


Drinking excessively:



Regular drinking can weaken your immune system. Alcohol disturbs the balance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria in your gut. It strips away the healthy bacteria, which makes more bad bacteria pass into your bloodstream that can lead to inflammation of your liver.

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