Here's how you can stay healthy in winter; Check out THESE easy tips

Seasonal changes affect our health more adversely than we would believe. It’s important to stay in the pink of health to enjoy the winters.
Here's how you can stay healthy in winter; Check out THESE easy tipsHere's how you can stay healthy in winter; Check out THESE easy tips
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It’s midway through November and the chilly days will soon arrive. Winters bring with them celebration, mugs of hot chocolate, shopping for winter clothes and...cold and illness. This is the time when your body is susceptible to sickness and must be taken care of. Although outdoor winter activities are a lot of fun, the colder months are often the time when our immune systems take a hit. This is also the time when coughs, colds and the flu become more prevalent.

Fortunately, there are very effective natural steps that can be taken to fend off winter illness and increase your chances of staying healthy, strong and fit. You must have noticed how grapefruit, kiwifruit, mandarins and oranges are all available by plentiful in the markets during winter. Try involving fruit in your breakfast and vegetables to each meal. Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower are great winter vegetables, that will naturally protect you from winter borne illnesses.

Read these tips to see how you can take better care of yourself during winter.

1. Wash your hands frequently

One of the most effective ways to stay healthy during winter is to wash your hands frequently. This may seem like a simple step, but it is one of the most effective methods of kill germs that are passed on to you.

2. Include a lot of Vitamin C to your diet

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful immune boosting vitamins. It can be found in oranges, orange juice, broccoli and can also be taken as supplements. Vitamin C will also keep your skin healthy and glowing in winters.

3. Don’t forget to exercise

Don’t forget to exercise during the winter months. Exercising will help you to stay fit, boost your immune system function, decrease stress and keep your weight down.

4. Get enough sleep

Sleep is when our bodies restore and rebuild. So, if you don’t get enough sleep it will reduce your body’s ability to properly fight off infection. Well-rested people are better able to protect themselves against illnesses. 

5. Keep your surroundings clean

Bacteria and viruses stick around on surfaces for hours or even days, so frequent cleaning is key to ward off diseases causing germs. Keeping your surroundings clean by disinfection practices will reduce risk of infection transmission.

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