Home remedies for bad breath: THESE natural home remedies will help you get a fresh breath instantly

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Home remedies for bad breath: THESE natural home remedies will help you get a fresh breath instantly

Have you ever judged someone or has someone ever judged you because of your breath? Well, let's admit it, we all judge people based on the way they smell, and it's embarrassing when someone comes up to you and tells you that you have bad breath. Bad breath is not only unacceptable, but it also makes you question the hygienic condition of the person. When it comes to bad breath, the main reason for bad breath is poor oral health. The food that we eat, the unhealthy lifestyle that we follow are some other reasons that contribute to bad breath. 


Bad breath can be treated easily, all you need to do is to keep yourself hydrated, improve your lifestyle and choose food wisely before eating it. Apart from these basic tips, some home remedies can also help you treat bad breath naturally.


Read below to find out how you can treat bad breath at home. 


Fennel seeds:


Herbs like fennel which help with bead breath are also known as a breath sweetener. If you feel that your breath is smelly, then chew some fennel seeds to freshen up your breath. It's better to have it after a meal, especially if you are consuming heavy curries and onions. 


Hydrate yourself:


Water helps to hydrate your salivary glands, which helps you get rid of bad breath. Drink a glass of water after waking up on an empty stomach, it freshens up your morning breath.


Clean your tongue:


This is another important thing that you shouldn't miss even a single day. Scraping the tongue helps to get rid of bacteria, fungi and dead cells from your tongue, which contribute to smelly breath.




Cloves are known for their antiseptic qualities, which helps to fight bacteria that cause smelly breath.


Orange peel:


The citrus content of the orange peel fights bad breath and helps in stimulating salivary glands. To get rid of bad breath, was the peel thoroughly and chew it for some time. 




If you have bad breath then eating fresh mint, basil or parsley leaves can also help in neutralising odours.


DISCLAIMER: These tips and tricks are advised based on research and easy accessibility. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor or to do a patch test before using them to avoid allergic reactions.