Horse Gram Health Benefits: Here’s how THIS low profile legume promotes weight loss and healthy skin

Horse gram is an under-utilised legume that comes with ample health benefits. This highly nutritional food can aid in weight loss and promote healthy skin as well. So, read on to know more about its health benefits.
Horse Gram Health Benefits: Here’s how THIS low profile legume promotes weight loss and healthy skin
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Horse gram is a low-profile legume that was used as a staple food for cattle and horse and it got its name from this usage. It’s widely cultivated and consumed in India and is packed with numerous nutritional benefits. Horse gram is also known as kulthi bean, hurali, Madras gram, etc. It is considered to be dry because of its drought and hardy texture. But unfortunately, it is an under-utilised crop and cultivated only in dry agricultural lands.

Horse gram is a superfood that comes with several health benefits. Even this has its mention in ancient medicinal texts for curing asthma, bronchitis, urinary discharge, kidney stones, leukoderma (skin disease), heart diseases, etc. Along with that, this legume contains diuretic and astringent properties. And it is also highly beneficial for controlling fever and cholesterol levels.

Raw horse gram is packed with polyphenols, flavonoids, proteins, which are known as the prime antioxidants. They help to reduce high blood sugar by slowing down the carbohydrate digestion and reducing insulin resistance in the body.

It can directly attack the fats stored in the body which aid in weight loss.

Other benefits of this legume are as follows:

It promotes healthy skin.

Regulates diabetes.

Protects liver functions.

How to eat it?

Horse gram can be added to several foods like soup, salad with sprouts, dal, etc. You can also have boiled horse gram in your breakfast to get the nutritional benefits. It can also be consumed in powder form like flour and had as juice.

When you are strictly doing portion-control for your eating, then horse gram is a super beneficial food as it can provide us with all the essential nutrients that are important for our body.  

Health risks of the horse gram

1-  Avoid having horse gram if you are suffering from gout as uric acid levels can be really high.

2-  Try to have it in a small amount in pregnancy because it increases body heat.