How to deal with and prevent suicidal thoughts or behaviours?

Suicidal thoughts are the result of the prolonged feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. In this condition, people want to take their own life and often attempt it. If not cured at the right time, then these thoughts can lead the person to kill themselves. So, if you are suffering from this situation or know someone who is dealing with it, then here’s everything to cope and prevent these behaviours.
How to deal with and prevent suicidal thoughts or behaviours?How to deal with and prevent suicidal thoughts or behaviours?

Suicidal thoughts or behaviour refers to talking about and attempting to take one’s own life. Suicidal behaviour is considered to be a psychiatric emergency and many people experience this behaviour at some point in their lives. They are not alone in this path and it doesn’t also mean they are crazy or a completely flawed person. When you experience suicidal thoughts or behaviour, it means you are undergoing tremendous mental stress and emotional pain.

Popular Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput died due to suicide on June 14, 2020. According to reports, he was suffering from depression. This is one of the leading factors for havifng suicidal thoughts which increases hopelessness amongst people. This condition fosters never-ending unhappiness that makes them feel they have no reason to live and thus end up taking their own life.

Warning signs for suicidal thoughts

It’s not possible to understand what a person is going through on the inside. But there are certain signs which can say that someone is trying to kill himself. The signs are as follows:

Talking about feeling hopeless, trapped, alone.

Saying that they don’t have any reason to live.

Making a will.

Trying to harm himself in any way.

Sleeping too much or too little.

Eating too much or too little.

Showing reckless behaviour.

Expressing rage.

Withdrawing from society.

Avoid social interactions.

Experiencing dramatic mood swings.

Having extreme anxiousness.

Talking about suicide.

How to cope with suicidal thoughts?

If you feel that you are experiencing these signs, then try to cope up with this behaviour. Remember, this feeling is temporary but death is permanent and is not the solution for this condition. You need to give time to heal from this pain, so be patient for the circumstances to change. Take these steps to deal with your suicidal thoughts:

1-  Get rid of any dangerous medications or weapons like knives when you feel that you may harm yourself.

2-  Never stop taking medications or try to change the dosage prescribed by your doctor because that can even make these thoughts worse. So, take your medicines regularly.

3-  Avoid having illegal drugs or alcohol. They contribute to make this situation more critical when you are feeling hopeless.

4-  Observe your warning signs and triggers for them. Talk to your doctor or therapist about them to tackle the situation. Also share these signs and triggers with your friends and family members, so that they can help you in your emergency.

5-  Remember one thing, you cannot deal with your suicidal thoughts and behaviour alone. You do need professional help and support from your loved ones to fight with this condition. So, consult a psychiatrist and talk to your friend and family about this issue. Talking to someone will help you to vent out your emotional pain and feel relieved. Along with this, regular counselling and medications will help you to cope with this situation. So, reach out to others and don’t try to keep it to yourself.

6-  Lastly, stay hopeful. As we have already discussed that this situation is temporary, don’t lose your hope. There are many people who have experienced this condition, but now are thankful for their life. Just give yourself some time and don’t try to deal with it alone.

How to help others dealing with this situation?

If you can see that someone is having the warning signs mentioned above, then try to talk to them. But be careful about it and make sure you are:

Calm and speaking in a reassuring tone.

Acknowledging that what they are feeling is legitimate.

Offering encouragement and support.

Tell them about the treatment which can cure their issue.

Don’t try to minimise their problems. Listening to them carefully and showing support for it are the best ways you can help them. Along with that, encourage them to seek professional help and you can also help them to find a therapist for the treatment.

In case of danger

If you see that things are getting worse and there might be a danger to leave that person alone, then stay with them. Remove all kinds of things that can harm them like knives, medicines, blades, etc. Just listen to them without any judgements or arguments. For extreme cases, reach out to local emergency numbers to save that person.

Causes of suicidal thoughts

When a person develops suicidal thoughts, then he or she might have these underlying causes for this condition:

Family history of mental health issues, violence, suicide.

An intense feeling of hopelessness.


Being gay with no family support.

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Suffering from a psychiatric disorder.

Prone to reckless behaviour.

Already attempted suicide before.

Certain mental disorders are also linked to this thought or behaviour. They are as follows:

Bipolar disorder.

Social anxiety disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.


Depressive disorder.

Panic disorder.

Adjustment disorder.

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If you need support or know someone who is struggling, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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