How does Reiki and Hypnotherapy help your mental health? Expert Meena Iyer spills the beans 

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Reiki and Hypnotherapy expert talks about how to bring out the 'Inner Child' and deal with bad mental health days. 
How does Reiki and Hypnotherapy help your mental health? Expert Meena Iyer spills the beans How does Reiki and Hypnotherapy help your mental health? Expert Meena Iyer spills the beans 
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Mental health is one of the most important things today. With more and more people going into depression experiencing other mental health issues, it is a matter of concern today. 
Another concept that is relatively new to India, is that of Reiki and Hypnotherapy. Expert Meena Iyer talks about the concepts and how they are helpful. 

Reiki is still a term which hasn't been explored much in India. What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique and there are many branches to it. It has to do with channelling universal energy. The Reiki healer passes the energy through himself or herself to the person who needs healing and though it is a Japanese system, it works on the basis of the Indian Chakra system where the chakras in the body receive Reiki. 

Why do the mental / emotional problems arise repetitively ?

The situational trigger may keep changing as the person grows older but that is only a trigger. The core experience happened in childhood and is stored in the sub-conscious. When a similar situation happens, a similar response gets triggered. For eg if my history teacher insulted me in front of the class, the same emotion is triggered when my boss humiliates me in front of my team.

Does this go hand-in-hand with Psychology? 
Definitely. Because there is always a trigger that creates a feeling which stays and creates their core emotional behavior. This subconscious feeling is the trigger and the storehouse of every single feeling. So from childhood, we make up an impression or a belief that if a particular situation occurs, a particular result will follow. 

Where does Hypnotherapy come into place?
Hypnosis is a technique with which the person is able to access what is happening in the sub-conscious mind. It is a technique where the person goes into a deep meditative state while simulating certain visuals where your mind is trying to create a picture and you reach a state which naturally brings up certain memories from childhood and adolescence. More important than the content of these memories is the emotions related to these memories because every human has a different response to a memory. 

How difficult or easy is it to break through people and get through them?
It depends on how open the person is because it is a given that people come with problems that are derived from their life situation. The fundamental shift is all about how open the person is. The skill of a therapist is to make the person see for themselves and arrive at the answer on their own.  

How do you manage to get through people?
It all depends on the kind of questions I ask and my ability to simulate through, to help you arrive at the conclusion and realise what the real issue is. It also involves a lot of paying attention to detail like reading body language, tone of voice, etc. and it completely depends on the non-verbal cues to get to know the person better. It is not all about listening to just the words. The body also shows symptoms - coughs and colds, nausea, headaches, etc. it is also connected to psychological problems. 

What is Inner Child Healing?
The Inner Child is a psychological and emotional construct. It is all about the experiences like damaging experiences that one has gone through. Like crying is not an adult response, it is a child's response and adult response would be to communicate the feeling of upset. But at times, the inner child gets activated and makes you wonder why you behaved like a kid in a particular situation. 
It is because there is a kid within you and that comes out in difficult situations. 
This program brings together various psychological facets that helps in healing. 

How can people deal with a bad mental health day in today's stressful world?
People ought to become comfortable with understanding their emotional state for all things to fall in place. There are days when one wakes up extremely energetic and others when one feels low and dull. One needs to stay in touch, identify and understand these emotions. It is most important to understand what one is feeling right now  to deal with problems in the future and the starting point of feeling good and remaining mentally fit. 


I would highly recommend everyone to definitely go for 'Inner-Child Healing' workshop. It's a crucial step towards inner growth and transformation and gets us in touch with the core issues that made us who we are. And who better in India than Meena Iyer! Trust me, been there, done that, but there is something about her, maybe passion for the work she does, or an innate honesty, it just shines through in her mindful hypnotherapy sessions which are intense.
Miss them at your own risk.

I guess, with virat kohli writing a letter to his 15 year old on his 31st birthday shows how important it is to consistently interact and nurture your inner child ... it's an ongoing process and it only pays dividends .. Meena is a fantastic tutor and wish her all the best for future endeavours..

Nice .... I recently heard about this concept .... would appreciate more material on the subject


Meena is a very dedicated professional, with a heart for healing. Along with her clinical approach, she is a warm and nurturing human being.

Had the good fortune of attending one of Meena’s Inner Child Healing workshop. Believe me , my Inner Child is far happier and better adjusted to the big bad world after doing the workshop.
Meena is an extremely skilled therapist/healer.

I have had the privilege of doing a workshop on inner child healing with Meena. In a phrase, it was life-changing. The tools this program equips us with are truly empowering and user friendly. I feel my daily life greatly enhanced after attending this program. It's my recommendation that everyone who feels disconnected and finds themselves struggling with any issue be it in career or personal life should try it. Meena can be be connected with on the following email address :

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