How to exercise and diet correctly as per your body type?

Many people don't know their body type and that's why they fail to achieve their weight gain or loss targets among others. Read on to know about the same.
Health & Fitness,body type,ectomorph,endomorphHow to exercise and diet correctly as per your body type?

Many of us don't know what our body type is and eating and exercising in the wrong way. To determine the right type of diet and exercise, one should know first know their body type. What is your body type?  Typically there 3 main body times: Ectomorphs will have long and slim limbs, Endomorphs will have wide hips/ fat accumulation around the belly area and mesomorphs have sporty aka muscular body. Genetics play a huge role when it comes to body type, however, you can achieve the body goals with the right food and training. 

The first step is to understand your body type so that you can start eating the right diet and do exercises that will work for you and help you to set realistic goals. Read on to know about the characteristics that will help to determine your body type and next read on to know about the diet and workout as per each type.

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Are you an Ectomorph?

You can call them lucky, as they can eat whatever they want and never gain weight because they have a fast and high metabolism. They are usually lanky and have a small bone structure. Their shoulders are usually narrower than the hip. And their goal is to gain weight. 

Are you a Mesomorph?

They have medium bone structure, athletic body, good metabolism (means you can gain muscle and easily lose fat). They can maintain weight if they have an active and healthy lifestyle. They can gain weight and lose as well easily. Their goal is to have a lean body. 

Are you an Endomorph?

They have a soft and rounded body, larger midsection and hips. They can easily pile up fats, struggle to lose weight and metabolism is naturally slow. They should pay attention to what they eat. The goal is to lose weight. 

If you don't fit in any of the three? Maybe you are Ecto-Meso- Lean and muscular, Meso- endo- Strong but muscles are not well defined or Endo-Meso- Skinny fat. Naturally thin, gain weight due to lack of exercise and poor diet.

Ectomorphs Diet and Workout

The focus should be on resistance training (strength and hypertrophy) and less cardio. Make sure to lift heavy weights, add more compound movements (works on several muscles at once) with minimal isolation movements for muscle mass and for quickest strength. You can do squats, lunges, bench press, pushup, deadlift and pull-ups.

You can do them 3-4 times a week on alternative days and include short cardio sessions. Your diet should be mass gained focused, higher carb, moderate protein and low fat. And make sure to eat frequently.

Mesomorph Diet and Workout

You are lucky, naturally strong and respond quickly to exercises. It is easy for you to gain mass and lose weight. You should focus on strength, endurance and size. Make sure to have  3-4 times resistance training and 2-3 times HIIT. For diet, you can equal amounts of fats, protein and carbs. You can change the quantity as per workout.

If you are doing strength and conditioning, then reduce carbs and increase protein intake. On HIIT days, you can have high carb foods post-training to fuel your body. 

Endomorph Diet and Workout

Don't blame your genetics, instead eat the right food to fire metabolism and incorporate the right exercises. You should include 3-4 days of resistance training and other days for cardio. Ideally, have 2 days of low-intensity conditioning for 30-60 minutes. Include inclined walk, light jog, cycling, swimming, hiking and HITT once a week. 

Make sure to have short periods of rest and lift moderate weights. Interval and circuit training are also very effective. Endomorphs are more insulin resistant and have lower carb tolerance. So, limit your carb intake, include diet which is high in protein, high in fats and low in carbs.

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