How to know if you have postpartum depression? Here are some signs to help you recognize the symptoms

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postpartum depression signs
How to know if you have postpartum depression? Here are some signs to help you recognize the symptoms

Feeling low and sad even after the birth of your newborn baby? Chances are you are suffering from postpartum depression. While it is completely normal for mothers to go through that, it can be treatable if you are able to recognize the signs well in advance.

For a mother to go through postpartum depression post-delivery is very common, it is what is known as baby blues. A new mom might feel depressed, have problems with sleeping patterns, anxiety and crying spells. Mood swings are some of the common signs but not to fret, it all fades away.


Pregnancy and the time after childbirth are pretty crucial for a mother. You may experience a rollercoaster of emotions and changes in life that might take a toll on your mental health. As much as you love your baby and are filled with an abundance of joy when you look at them, it can get extremely tenuous when it comes to baby blues.

Here are some signs that might help you recognize postpartum depression:

You are having feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy.

Lack of sleep or insomnia or too much sleep.



Anxiety or panic attacks.

Excessive crying.

Severe mood swings.


Always getting angry, frustrated or agitated at your partner.

Loss of appetite or binge eating due to stress and anxiety.

Inactive, lethargy, feeling lazy all the time. No energy to perform any tasks.

You feel persistently sad and low without any particular reason.

Unable to bond with your baby.

Note: Symptoms usually occur within the first week of giving birth. You can always consult a therapist and seek professional guidance if you observe any of these symptoms listed above.

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