How millennial new moms can stay positive and happy amid COVID 19 second wave?

The second wave of COVID 19 is again taking a toll on our mental health. In this regard, millennial moms have to be extra careful to maintain their sanity. So, Dr. Sangeeta Gomes talks about how millennial new moms can stay positive amid COVID 19 second wave.
How new moms can stay happy in COVID 19 crisis How millennial new moms can stay positive and happy amid COVID 19 second wave?
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Over the years, the parenting style has evolved. With new-age innovative technology and better connectivity in the social media sphere, young women are well aware and informed and choosing motherhood on their own terms. Raising a newborn in this pandemic can be stressful and unpredictable. In this time, new moms are not only worried about their baby’s health, but also about their overall development, their bonding with others and their future. So, Dr Sangeeta Gomes MD, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Indiranagar, Bangalore, talks about the effects of the second wave of COVID 19 on millennial new moms and how to cope with it.

Impacts of COVID 19 Second Wave

With fewer people around to help, millennial new moms can feel helpless and exhausted at some point. Stress and anxiety regarding the pandemic along with their baby can really make them sleepless. So, here’s how to maintain your sanity.  

How to remain positive and happy?

In these times, pay attention to your own needs

The challenges of millennial moms can certainly feel overwhelming at times. It is advised to rest as much as possible. Put on some soothing music of your like, make a call to a friend or relative, or just relax.

Stay connected with others

Social distancing is the new normal during the pandemic outbreak, which can lead to isolation so stay in touch with your friends and relatives via video chats or social media.

Seek forums

New moms may find it useful to discuss their experiences with other new moms. One must look for discussion forums and dedicated mom communities to sharing their problems, stories and some tips with each other online.

Request for support

If you may feel compelled to hold it all together for your family, seeking assistance is one of the most effective ways to achieve harmony in your life. Consider some of the smaller places where you feel comfortable asking for assistance and start there. If you're having trouble cooking, ask a group of friends for some safe recipes.

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