How often should we wash our hair? Check out what dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel has to say

Updated on Apr 05, 2020 11:30 AM IST  |  1.6M
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How often should we wash our hair? Check out what dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel has to say

Are you having hair issues such as irritation, itching and hair loss among others? Then let me tell you that number of times you are washing your hair could be the reason. We mostly wash our hair whenever we feel like or as per other factors, however, we should ideally wash our hair as our hair type. If you are confused about what is your hair type and how often to wash them, then fret not as we have asked celebrity dermatologist and director of Cutis Skin Studio, Dr. Apratim Goel to share in-depth information about the same.

Dr. Apratim said, "Every single hair type is unique, so how often should one wash their hair depends on your hair as the same rule cannot be for everyone. Depending on your hair type, if you do not wash it regularly, it can cause itching, irritation, flaking, dandruff, and even hair loss. On the other hand, washing it too frequently can strip off the natural oils in your hair and make it straw-like and cause scalp inflammation."

Check out the types of hair and how often you need to wash them

Fine hair

Fine hair gets greasy more than other hair types as the hair easily gets coated by sebum. Hence you should wash it every other day. 

Oily hair

Oil is the biggest culprit behind ‘bad hair’. Depending on how much oil is produced by your scalp, you can wash your hair every day if it’s too oily or every other day. 

Waves and curls 

In order to keep them voluminous and defined, wash them every two days with a sulfate-free cleanser that’s formulated with moisturizers.

Damaged hair/ Coloured hair 

The cuticles are generally rough and this making the hair look dry and brittle. Hence, use a sulfate-free, colour- safe shampoo every 2-3 days. 

Styling products can build up on your hair and scalp and can lead to hair damage, hence you need to wash your hair more frequently. 

How to wash your hair?

Wash your hair gently, remember the shampoo is meant to cleanse the dirt and accumulated oil on the scalp. use shampoo on the scalp and let it rinse through the hair. Use conditioner for your hair from the tips of the hair upwards, avoiding the scalp if you have an oily scalp. Applying too much conditioner on your scalp can make your hair look limp.


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