How to prevent orthopaedic problems in youngsters explains Dr Sridhar Archik

It is essential for people within the age group of 25 and 40 to take care of themselves to steer clear of problems like arthritis and bursitis. Dr Sridhar Archik, Consultant Orthopaedic, Global Hospital, Mumbai shares tips to prevent orthopaedic problems in youngsters.
Health & Fitness,arthritis,orthopaedic problems,youngsterHow to prevent orthopaedic problems in youngsters explains Dr Sridhar Archik
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Are you in the age group of 25-40 and have conditions such as arthritis or bursitis? Do you encounter knee pain while climbing the stairs? Is that work from home causing back and neck pain? Is your joint, muscle, and hip pain bothering you? Is it affecting your quality of life by making it difficult for you to do your daily chores with ease? Then, you have to get appropriate treatment for your underlying orthopaedic problem and live a life you have always wanted to. Read on to know about the tricks that can help one prevent these nagging orthopaedic problems.

If you are diagnosed with orthopaedic problems then that particular condition can take a toll on your musculoskeletal system. That’s right! Your bone and muscle health will have a tough time. There are many orthopaedic problems such as joint, foot, muscle, hip, knee, elbow, back and neck pain. Arthritis, bursitis, fractures, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ligament knee injuries, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and even soft tissue injuries. Nowadays, a lot of youngsters encounter these problems owing to factors like obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress, fractures, bone and muscle injuries, lack of physical fitness, and even wear and tear of the joints, muscles and cartilage degenerations. It is the need of the hour to stay active, keep moving, stick to a well-balanced diet and seek timely intervention.

Follow these vital tips to keep orthopaedic problems at bay.

Kick away your sedentary lifestyle

You will have to keep moving as it is beneficial for your joint health. Do exercises that will increase your bone mineral density. You can opt for aerobics, swimming, cycling, walking, or jogging to deal with joint pain and bone problems. You can also opt for strength training or Pilates. It is essential to increase muscle mass and cut down fat. Do not forget to stretch before exercise and warm-up and cool down. This can slash your chances of sprains and strains. You will be able to enhance your flexibility, agility, and endurance.

Maintain an optimum weight

Have you put on oodles of weight? Are you obese or overweight? Is your weight snatching your peace away? Being on a heavier side can be bothersome as it can invite a plethora of health issues along with bone and joint problems. Thus, one should try to move and stay fit.

Swear by healthy food options

Is junk food a part of your daily diet? Then, give up on that pizza, pasta, fries, and aerated drinks, right away! Eat foods jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals to enhance your bone health. Opt for cherries, walnuts, ginger, salmon, oranges, tomatoes, and turmeric that may help reduce inflammation. If there is a deficiency of vitamin D3 and vitamin D12 then do the test to get the exact amount of medication you need to supplement in oral or injectable form. You will be shocked to know that too much calcium intake can lead to weight gain. To get enough vitamin D just expose yourself to the sun, early morning. This will enhance your joint health and prevent joint pain. Likewise, people with arthritis should bid adieu to oily and spicy food, gluten, artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, and sugary beverages.

Pay attention to your shoes

Wearing the right kind of shoe is imperative as it will reduce your chances of sprains and foot injuries. You will be able to maintain your ligaments and lower back and knee pain.

Ward off stress

To stay stress-free, one should try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. Doing so can allow you to improve your orthopaedic health.

By Dr Sridhar Archik, Consultant Orthopaedic, Global Hospital, Mumbai. 

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