How to reduce gallbladder pain and the symptoms of THIS condition

Gallstones is the prime reason for having gallbladder pain which is caused by the built-up of bile in the gallbladder. So, here’s how to reduce gallbladder pain and the symptoms of it.
How to reduce gallbladder pain and the symptoms of THIS condition
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The function of the gallbladder is to store bile which is released by the liver to aid fat digestion in our diet. The liver releases it and the gallbladder stores it until our body needs it for digestion. When we eat foods, then the stomach digests some of it and the gallbladder releases bile for fat digestion. But sometimes, this bile can start to get built up and become gallbladder sludge. This can often lead to gallbladder stones or gallstones. This also causes swelling, infection, inflammation, poor blood flow, etc. This condition is called cholecystitis and this is where the gallbladder pain comes.

Characteristics of gallbladder pain:

1.Pain on the upper abdomen, usually on the right side.

2.The pain usually comes after a meal or in the evening.

3.It becomes worse after taking a deep breath.

4.It is often sudden and intense.

Other symptoms of gallbladder pain are as follows:






Shortness of breath.

Treatment of gallbladder pain

The treatment of gallbladder pain depends on the severity of it. And if there is an infection along with the pain, different treatment options would be considered for its cure. So, if you face any of the symptoms mentioned above, then it’s highly recommended to consult your doctor without any delay. However, certain home remedies can be tried initially to relieve the pain for some time. But it cannot cure the condition, home remedies are only for temporary relief.

Home remedies for gallbladder pain:

1. Avoid greasy foods, high-fat foods and spicy foods as they worsen the gallbladder pain. So, restricting the consumption of these foods can lower the pain to some extent.

2. Do physical activity regularly to keep your cholesterol levels in control and prevent gallstones.

3. Include healthy foods in your diet like leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, etc.

4. Apply heat compress on the pain to get relief.

5. Peppermint tea may also help to soothe the pain and improve digestion.

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