How to safeguard kids from monsoon fungal infections?

Dr. Atish Laddad, Founder & Director at Docterz shared some tips that will help guardians and parents to create a safety net around kids during monsoon season.
Health & Fitness,monsoon fungal infectionsHow to safeguard kids from monsoon fungal infections?
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The rains are definitely fascinating and monsoon is the most awaited season of the year. In spite of these priceless pleasures, parents often tend to shush their little munchkins from getting drenched in the rain. This is because the onset of the rainy season tends to tag along with a host of health issues for both children as well as adults like cold, cough, flu and various waterborne diseases. Additionally, the monsoon has a typical wet and humid climate, it also has an ability for one to fall prey to unwanted dermatological problems like fungal infections if not taken timely care. 

Children have lower immunity as compared to adults who are more prone to contracting infections. They are most vulnerable to infections due to dirty unwashed hands. In order to safeguard the kids by evading certain infections in monsoon, parents need to ramp up their dietary and cleanliness measures. Below mentioned are a couple of safety tips to facilitate guardians in drawing a safety net around the children, thus enabling them to welcome the monsoon magic without any anxiety:

Ensure you are keeping your spaces dry: During the rainy season, it is very common for dampness and moisture to creep into the corners of your house, thus making them areas that tend to hoard bacteria. Parents must safeguard to always properly ventilate and totally dry out problem areas and must always sanitize spaces to keep bacteria at bay. Completely dry spaces will ensure to keep your little one in the pink of health.

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Ensure your child is hydrated at all times: You must ensure your child is drinking an ample amount of water. Drinking water will totally cleanse the body and will ferret out all the harmful bacteria present in your child’s body. Thus, drinking distilled and boiled water will majorly help in preventing any fungal infection.

Amplify your child’s bathing routine: While it pours outside, hygiene and sanitization are vital aspects that cannot be ignored at any cost. During the rains, parents must consider giving the child shower at least two times in a day. To kill the monsoon bacteria, the water must be purified with disinfectant liquids.

Boot-up: It is very essential to safeguard the child’s toes while you venture out during monsoon. Wearing a water-proof gum boat is recommended to avert the rainwater from entering the child’s feet, thus ensuring your child is protected from any infections.

Guarantee they eat healthy: During the rains, parents must consider enhancing the child’s diet with edibles rich in Vitamin C like fresh fruits and vegetables. Outside food which can cause numerous diseases like diarrhea or food poisoning is a complete no. A home-cooked edible is an integral form of childcare during the rains.

Monsoon is the best time to educate your child about seasonal fluctuations and to inform them about the advantages of rain. At the same time, parents must exercise caution to guard your child against any monsoon infections through the implementation of the above-mentioned useful tips.

By Dr. Atish Laddad, Founder & Director at Docterz

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