How women are at a greater risk of having mental health issues during COVID 19, explains Dr Amandeep Goyal

According to doctors, women might be at a greater risk of having mental health issues amid COVID-19. Hence, Psychiatrist, Dr Amandeep Goyal, Sr. Consultant at HopeQure explains how does this happen and shares tips to cope with such a situation.
Women's Mental Health Wellbeing How women are at a greater risk of having mental health issues during COVID 19, explains Dr Amandeep Goyal
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Women have been at the receiving end when it comes to mental illness due to several reasons. Unfortunately, COVID-19 and lockdown have added to the risk of the mental health of women in our society. Women comprise a significant percentage as front-line COVID-19 warriors including doctors, nurses, sanitary staff, police personnel, etc. have a higher risk of getting infected by it. They also live with the risk of passing it on to their loved ones post their duty hours as most of these women are also the primary care-givers and earning members in their families.

The possibility of women becoming the carrier of the deadly virus also increases with the responsibilities of nurturing children and taking care of the elderly and ill in the family. It also results in feeling guilty of passing on the risk, which disturbs the mental well-being of women. Additionally, the extensive COVID-19 safety protocol leaves no time for self-care and COVID-19 restrictions have added to their challenges, burdening the women even further. All this hinders the mental well-being of women. Hence, Dr Amandeep Goyal, MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, Sr. Consultant at HopeQure shares some tips on how to cope with this situation.

Why women have more risks of having mental health risks amid COVID-19?

Women mental health facts as per WHO

As per World Health Organisation:

1. 41.9 percent women get disability from neuropsychiatric disorders, whereas the percentage is 29.3 percent for men.

2. Mostly older women get affected by mental health issues like depression, dementia or organic brain syndrome, etc.

3. Over 80 percent of the approximately 50 million people impacted due to natural disasters, displacement or civil wars are women and dependent children.

Quick tips for women to maintain their mental health:

1. We often hide our emotional problems, as a result, this may cause severe issues in our life. So, instead of hiding this, seek professional help after discovering the first instance of your distress. There should not be any delay to consult a therapist for your mental health issues.

2. Abuse or harassment can create great disturbances in one’s life, impacting mental health well-being. So, if you get abused or harassed anywhere report this to the authorities so that they can take quick action. Don’t feel shy about it.

3. Amid the pandemic, some might have forgotten to pamper themselves mentally and physically. This can be a major reason as well. So, have sufficient time for yourself and to prioritise your needs. Take enough time to look into your own well-being.

4. When you get involved with positive people, it influences you with the vibe. So, always engage yourself with like-minded friends or groups where you can express your views and thoughts without any hesitation.

5. Don’t forget to spend enough time with your family and dear ones. You can share your feelings with them and vice-versa. If you cannot go to their home due to the situation, then do video calls regularly.

6. Often we cannot understand the reasons for our disturbed mind and this creates more confusion in life. So, if you feel distressed then try to find out the reason. If you cannot do it yourself, then it is always better to seek professional help. They will help you to find it out.

7. Focus on your immediate needs and concerns that will heal your mind and enhance mental health well-being.

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