Hypertension: Here's how Spinach & Celery juice can help you with High BP

Lack of physical activity, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are one of the key reasons for hypertension or high BP. And if you are suffering from high BP then you must add this spinach and celery juice to diet your diet right away.
Hypertension: Here's how Spinach & Celery juice can help you with High BPHypertension: Here's how Spinach & Celery juice can help you with High BP
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Hypertension which is also known as High Blood pressure, is also caused due to lifestyle issues. Lack of physical activities and having junk food constantly invites many lifestyle diseases. And one such disease is hypertension which has tormented people across the globe. Hypertension is caused by a high level of blood pressure, which then gives rise to several health issues, especially related to the heart.


If you have been dealing with hypertension for a while, then improving your lifestyle and diet will help you a lot in the long run. Consuming food rich in fibres and minerals is good for patients suffering from high BP. You can add many fibre-rich food items to your diet, but adding this juice to your diet will work wonders. It's believed that spinach and celery juice not only manages blood sugar in the body, but it also fits the bill of a hypertension diet.




Spinach is not only a rich source of fibre and potassium, but it's also a rich source of lutein that helps the blood vessels to relax, which then lowers the blood pressure level. It also contains a good amount of magnesium which is beneficial for maintaining the blood pressure level.




Celery is rich in fibre and it also helps to maintain the weight. It contains a compound called  3-n-butylphthalide that restrains rapid fluctuations in blood pressure and also reduces bad cholesterol in the body. 


So if you want to add this juice to your diet, then here's how you can make spinach celery juice at home.




Lime juice, spinach, celery, cucumber, and water. 




Wash leaves of spinach and boil them till they are cooked. Then take two to three sticks of celery and chop them into small pieces. Once the spinach is boiled, let it cool down, and put in the juicer along with celery. Add one teaspoon of lime juice or a few cucumber cubes to neutralise the flavours of spinach and celery. Avoid salt, since it aggravates the BP problem. Add water to the ingredients, and then blend it well. Pour it in the glass, and consume it immediately. 


Drink it regularly and you will notice the difference soon. 


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