International Nurses Day: 4 Ways we can be more appreciative of healthcare professionals

Here are four suggestions for being more considerate and kind to our healthcare professionals.

Updated on May 18, 2022 09:30 AM IST  |  112.2K
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International Nurses Day: 4 Ways we can be more appreciative of healthcare professionals
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International Nurses Day is a special day dedicated to honouring and celebrating the contributions of nurses worldwide. The iconic Florence Nightingale, a British nurse and social reformer who dedicated her life to the improvement of the health sector is the inspiration for the day. 

Nurses, in general, play an important role in primary care by expanding, connecting, and coordinating care. Often when a challenging situation arises between a doctor and a patient, to help resolve the conflict, nurses are always available to keep the line of communication open. And, when these difficult interactions occur, which may be due to differences in expectation, perception, and/or communication between the patient and medical practitioner, and may be caused by the doctor, the patient, or both, there is a risk that the patient will behave inappropriately. Respect is a necessary component of any high-performing organisation. People perform better, are more innovative, and are more resilient in a respectful culture. As a result, it is critical to respect the boundaries and nature of our healthcare professionals' work.

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So, here we bring you 4 ways in which you can be more considerate and kinder towards our healthcare professionals.

1. Tell them how much you value them

Simply hearing "thank you" can brighten their day. Because many health care professionals work long, focused shifts, snacks or meals are an especially welcome form of appreciation. Express gratitude but they are especially encouraging during difficult and challenging times.


2. Be a good listener

Your healthcare provider may have lost patients, faced staff shortages, or been concerned about bringing infections into your home. If they want to talk to you, give them your undivided attention. Just be available for them and listen to them patiently. You are not required to offer advice, and this is not the time to pass judgement. Use eye contact and body language to show your interest. 

3. Offer them help

This is the time to go above and beyond in terms of dividing responsibilities. There will be times when the healthcare worker in your life is completely exhausted and overburdened with responsibilities. For the smooth operation of a relationship, this is the time to step up and help by picking up dry cleaning and groceries for the day, or picking up the kids from school so they don't feel overwhelmed with a lot on their plate.


4. Send goodies and gifts

Consider the small gestures that can make a healthcare worker smile. Getting them a cup of coffee or a few self-care items can help them unwind and relax at home. However, keep in mind that your doctor does not expect anything more than a genuine "thank you" from a satisfied patient. A genuine expression of gratitude is all that any doctor could ask for, and physicians will treasure a thoughtful handwritten thank you card far more than a pricey gift.

It is time to show your appreciation to the healthcare worker in your life. You can express your gratitude to the healthcare hero in your life by taking the steps stated above.

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