Jacqueline Fernandez' weight loss secret can motivate you to follow a healthy lifestyle

She's the connoisseur of healthy eating and working hard to stay fit and she does all this without going to the gym; Read on
Jacqueline Fernandez' weight loss secret can motivate you to follow a healthy lifestyle
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Jacqueline Fernandez is known to be one of the fittest in the industry. She follows a very healthy lifestyle and her Instagram handle is the proof of that. Her fitness routine and healthy lifestyle is a good example for all of those who want to make healthier choices in life. Staying fit and healthy is essential and this Bubbly cheerful girl from B-town does this job perfectly. She also posts a lot of fitness vlogs to keep her fans inspired to remain fit and healthy. If you are still not making healthy choices in life and want to do so you may want to go through her Instagram handle and her vlogs for a little bit of inspiration and motivation.

This former Miss Sri Lanka universe follows a very strict diet and workout routine and is very disciplined when it comes to her lifestyle. Jackie does not like gyming, but she still manages to remain healthy and fit. Jacqueline Fernandez weight loss secret is what we all need in order to stay healthy.

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Jacqueline Fernandez Workout Plan:

Jacqueline enjoys a good workout includes a lot of cardio in her workout regime and she also does a lot of yoga. This helps to remain flexible and improve stability. She also includes some Pilates in her workout routine which helps her work on her muscles and keeps them toned and improves balance. She also enjoys some dancing and kickboxing that she includes in her workout routine.



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Jackie is known for her pole fitness she works hard on the pole in order to remain fit. She does not take her body for granted and keeps working hard and sweating it out. 

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Jacqueline Fernandez Diet Plan:

Jacqueline includes apple cider vinegar in her diet which helps her Detox her body and keep her skin clean and glowing. She strictly believes in intermittent fasting and also believes in finishing off her dinner between 7 and 7:30 PM in order to give her body time to digest and a break from working hard on the digestion. She avoids sugary foods and includes pepper in her diet which accelerates fat burning and also includes a lot of fresh vegetables in her diet. 

She is a high protein diet and includes brown rice and quinoa in her diet. She bakes her own bread and she consumes a lot of antioxidants and also loves a good mug of bulletproof coffee in her day. Bulletproof coffee is a shot of espresso with a little bit of ghee and coconut-based MCT oil which accelerates the process of fat burning and gives your body energy.

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