Janhvi Kapoor's weight loss secret will inspire you to get fit; Check it out

Janhvi Kapoor has the ability to put on 6 kilos for a film and then lose 10 kilos for the next and she does it with pure ease. This is why we need an insight into her weight loss secret.
Janhvi Kapoor's weight loss secret will inspire you to get fit; Check it out
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Janhvi Kapoor, the eldest daughter of the evergreen beauty Sridevi has taken the industry by storm. After her death, people can see a glimpse of Sridevi in her daughter. She is much loved by the fans due to her work and her beauty. Janhvi Kapoor is a beautiful young woman who is adored by all and the one thing that we've all noticed is that she loves a good workout. We've spotted her in some of the best workout clothes a number of times and other than her awesome gym style, she also manages to remain fit and in shape all the time.

Now, we all want some inspiration in order to stay fit and in shape and Janhvi Kapoor inspires everyone to do so. She is known to be a total fitness freak and she works very hard to stay fit all the time. She knows how important it is to stay fit and maintain her body. And if you're looking for Janhvi Kapoor's weight loss secrets, here they are.

Janhvi Kapoor Workout Routine:

She works very hard and ensures that she never misses a workout session. She does a lot of cardio and weightlifting. This helps her tone her muscles. She also includes some functional training and dancing to help her burn fat faster and maintain her weight. It also helps improve her balance and flexibility.

But that's not all, Janhvi Kapoor also includes some yoga and pilates in her fitness regime which helps her stay calm and relaxed. It also improves flexibility and is a great form of low-intensity workout to keep her going. When she's not at the gym, she does a lot of jogging and swimming to stay fit. Janhvi is dedicated to her weight loss routine.

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Janhvi Kapoor Diet Plan:

She's not just a gym freak but a fitness freak so, she does not miss out on managing her diet. You are what you eat and Janhvi Kapoor stays fit with her fit food. She includes a lot of healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables in her diet. 

She begins her day with a glass full of water and maintains her distance from junk food and anything that has unhealthy artificial sugar. She eats healthy by avoiding packaged juices and goes with fresh juice instead. 

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She also eats brown rice instead of white and includes egg white in her meals for protein. She keeps her dinner light and eats boiled vegetables and she eats a few hours before she goes to bed which gives her body adequate time to digest the food.

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