Kalonji Health Benefits: From aiding in weight loss to improving memory; THIS spice comes with ample benefits

Kalonji is quite a common and popular spice which is used in many Indian dishes for a distinct aroma and taste. But this spice also comes with a plethora of health benefits. Check them out below.
Kalonji Health Benefits: From aiding in weight loss to improving memory; THIS spice comes with ample benefits
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Kalonji or Nigella seeds are used for tempering and adding a mild aroma to dishes. Dry roasted kalonji is used in many Indian preparations like curries, dal, vegetables etc. This spice is also used in samosas and kachoris etc. Kalonji is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, fibre, proteins, fatty acids, linolenic and oleic acids. All these elements make this a highly beneficial spice for health.  

Some of the most potential health benefits of kalonji are improving heart health, curing breathing problems, lubricating joints etc. This spice is also packed with anti-carcinogenic properties. Kalonji oil is also known to be beneficial for our health.


Check out the health benefits of Kalonji spice right below. 

Cures acne

Mix sweet lime juice and kalonji oil together and apply this on your skin to reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne. This can also heal your cracked heel. For one cup of lime juice you need half tsp kalonji oil. 

Good for diabetics

Kalonji is highly beneficial for people with diabetes. Mix half tsp kalonji oil in a cup of black tea and consume it every morning. 

Improves memory and cure asthma

Take ground kalonji seeds with a little bit of honey to improve memory. And if this mixture can be consumed with warm water then it can alleviate your breathing trouble (asthma).

Reduce headache

Rub some kalonji oil on your forehead and relax. This will ease the headache. 

Aids in weight loss

It is considered to help in shedding weight effectively. Mix some powdered kalonji seeds in warm water with honey and lemon and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for weight loss. 

Relieves joint pain

Put some kalonji seeds in heating mustard oil. When this will start smoking then let it cool down for a while. Now, massage this oil on the inflamed part. 

Regulated blood pressure

Drink warm water with half tsp of kalonji seeds in it. This will regulate your high blood pressure keeping your hypertension at bay. 

Good for kidney

Mix half tsp of kalonji oil with two tsp of honey in warm water and drink this to improve the health of your kidneys. 

Strengthens teeth

Massage your teeth with some curd and kalonji oil twice a week to take care of your oral hygiene. 

Relieves sinus problem

Add some kalonji seeds in boiling water and inhale the vapour. This will give you relief from nasal congestion and sinusitis problems.

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