Karela Tea for Diabetes: Here's how THIS tea can keep the blood sugar levels in check

Karela is not preferred by many, but the vegetable has its own benefits that one must know about. Read below to find out how drinking karela tea can keep the blood sugar levels in check.
Karela Tea for Diabetes: Here's how THIS tea can keep the blood sugar levels in checkKarela Tea for Diabetes: Here's how THIS tea can keep the blood sugar levels in check
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Some people like to eat all the vegetables and don't fuss about veggies in general. But then there's one veggie that no one likes to consume and that is bitter gourd which is also known as Karela. The bitter taste of karela makes us wanna puke and we don't prefer having it at any cost. The extremely bitter taste of the vegetable makes us hate it to the next level. 

But what if we tell you that the extreme bitterness of the vegetable can help you stay fit in the long run? Yes, that's true. Karela has umpteen health benefits that can effectively prevent several diseases. And one such disease is diabetes. Diabetes, which is a growing cause of concern across the globe, can be controlled by having Karela tea. 

Read below to find out how including karela tea to your diet can help you manage blood sugar levels. 

Karela for diabetes


From ages, people have been using Karela as a natural remedy for regulating sugar levels in the body. The consumption of this in any form is great for healthily managing diabetes. And now with time, people have come up with the concept of Karela tea. Karela tea has almost the same properties of a raw bitter gourd, and its consumption can help in reducing sugar naturally. 


What is Karela tea? 


Karela tea is made from using sun-dried slices of karela. It helps in improving immunity and regulates blood insulin level in the body. And is loaded with medicinal properties. 


Here’s how you can make Karela tea

You can use sun-dried slices of Karela to make this tea. In a pan, boil a few slices of karela in water and once the water starts boiling, turn off the flame. Pour in the tea and add some honey or sweetener as per your palate preference. You can also add some fresh lime juice to cut the bitter taste. Diabetes patients should consume this daily for effective results. 


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