Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits: 7 Reasons why you should add this food to your diet

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Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits: 7 Reasons why you should add this food to your diet

Kiwi fruit is a superfood and you should add it to your diet as they pack several nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, folate, copper, potassium, antioxidants, protein and iron among others and they have a positive impact on our health. The sweet and tangy fruit is readily available throughout the year in supermarkets as they are grown in different locations. For the unversed, they are grown in California from November to May, and in New Zealand from June to October. 

You can either have them raw or prepare yummy delicacies such as fruit salads, smoothies and shakes among others. The brown and green fruit is best known for its Vitamin C content. Are you aware of its health benefits? If not, then read on. From better blood pressure to digestion, this small fruit some amazing health benefits. Read on to know more.

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1. Good for your digestion

The dietary fiber and an enzyme called actinidin help to regulate gut health. After having a big meal, you should eat Kiwi as they can help break down tough proteins from meat and fish that often lead to bloating. Did you know it also works as a mild laxative? So, say bye to digestion issues like constipation, IBS and others with this food.

2. Regulates Blood pressure

Kiwis can help reduce high blood pressure and prevent related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. As per a study, those who had 3 kiwis a day for 8 weeks showed reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The antioxidant called lutein and vitamin C could be the major contributor to a reduction in blood pressure.

3. Fights Inflammation

Bromelain, an enzyme found in kiwis help to break down proteins and heal inflammation. Lowered inflammation means fewer chances of related diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and stroke. High amounts of vitamin C also help to curb inflammation by fighting against free radicals.

4. Aids in Weight loss

Are you watching your weight? Then you should definitely ad kiwis to your diet. High water content, low-cal, low GI, a good amount of fiber etc all help in weight loss. So, drink a Kiwi smoothie or shake as breakfast and you will be full for a good time. Also, your digestive system will be great after having it, and the same indirectly lead to weight loss.

5. Boosts our immunity

Vitamin C is important for cellular function, protecting cells from free radicals damage and also supports the immune system. One cup of Kiwis will give you 103% of RDA of vitamin C So, boost your immune system strong and keep infection, common cold and flu at bay.

6. Reduces blood clotting

Kiwis can prevent blood clotting. As per studies, 2 to 3 kiwi fruits a day can replace a daily aspirin which is needed to thin the blood and improve heart health over a period of time.

7. Prevents vision loss

Did you know Kiwis are great for your eyes? Macular degeneration is one of the major causes of vision loss. As per one study, three servings of fruit a day can decrease the chances of macular degeneration by 36%. Zeaxanthin and lutein aka eye vitamins are responsible for the same. The copper content which is essential for the nervous system, also indirectly aids healthy functioning of eyes. 

Other benefits of Kiwi fruit are:

Better skin

Reduces DNA Damage

Helpful for asthma patients 

Promotes sleep

Boosts heart health