Know when should a recently recovered COVID 19 patient get vaccinated

Many doubts arise in the mind of a person who has recently recovered from COVID-19 about getting vaccinated. Know the dos and don'ts of getting vaccinated after recovering from the infection.
Know when should a recently recovered COVID 19 patient get vaccinated Know when should a recently recovered COVID 19 patient get vaccinated
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The sudden surge in cases of COVID-19 can only be dealt with effectively when everyone takes a shot of the vaccine. The vaccination drive for people between 18-45 years of age has recently opened up and getting vaccinated as quickly as possible seems like the only way out to deal with the pandemic and the rising cases of infection.


When you get vaccinated, your body creates antibodies that enable it to gain immunity against the novel coronavirus. But what happens when you get a jab after contracting the infection? There are many questions recently recovered COVID-19 patients have about the vaccination. Read on to know about when you should get vaccinated after recovering from the infection.

1. Currently, all coronavirus vaccines under approval are over 80 percent effective and incredibly promising in minimising symptoms, severity, mortality as well as the time taken to recovery. Even if there is a chance to get infected again, getting vaccinated will help in reducing the risks of contracting it and will boost your protection and immunity. 

2. The people who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have recently recovered, may have the option to delay their vaccination up to some weeks as a past infection with coronavirus grants a person natural immunity up to a given time.

3. According to studies, someone who has had COVID-19 gets natural immunity, the level of which depends on the severity, history of infection and chronic ailments. So it is recommended that a person who has had COVID-19 should get vaccinated after 2-8 weeks of infection. .

4. A person shouldn’t get vaccinated unless and until he/she has fully recovered from the infection as visiting a vaccination site may also fuel the spread of infection to others. It is suggested that if a person has contracted the infection after getting the first dose, then they should observe a 2-week resting period and refer to the dosing schedules mentioned as per the vaccine. 

5. It is highly recommended for everyone to get both doses of the vaccine. Some believe that since they have had COVID-19, they require only one dose of the vaccine, but this is not completely true. 

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