Lettuce Health Benefits: HERE’s how this veggie aids in weight loss and boosting immune system

Lettuce is a potential source of Vitamin A, K and C. It aids in weight loss, weight management and improving immune system. Check out the health benefits and some healthy recipes of this vegetable.
Lettuce Health Benefits: HERE’s how this veggie aids in weight loss and boosting immune system
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Lettuce is popularly known as a salad vegetable the leaves of which are the prime ingredients for the salad recipe. The crispy leaves of this veggie is also an important part for burgers and sandwiches. Health-conscious people even like to have it raw or with some dips. A salad or a burger is never ready without this leafy vegetable.

Lettuce is an annual plant of the daisy family Asteraceae. It is mostly grown as a leafy veggie but its stem and seeds are also used sometimes. Lettuce has also religious and medicinal significance in some countries. Earlier, Europe and North America used to dominate the Lettuce market but later its popularity spread all around the world. This veggie is highly beneficial for health as its rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin A. Lettuce is also helpful for weight loss and weight management.

History of Lettuce
Lettuce is considered to be an ancient vegetable the history of which dates back to 2680 BC. It was first cultivated by ancient Egyptians and used as a weed to extract oil from it.

Here’s how Lettuce aids in weight loss and weight management.

Low in calorie

100 gm lettuce has only 15 calories. Being a negative calorie food, lettuce can burn more calories in the digestion process than the amount of calories this veggie contains.

Zero cholesterol
Like most of the vegetables, lettuce also has zero cholesterol, saturated and unsaturated fat.

Contains high water content
Lettuce is 96 percent water by its weight which makes it more filling than any other veggies. Iceberg lettuce has an almost equal amount of water as cucumbers.

Controls blood sugar levels
Lettuce has Lactucaxanthin which is considered to be an anti-diabetic carotenoid. It is highly effective in regulating blood sugar levels. Lettuce can also regulate cravings and hunger pangs by improving the blood sugar levels. Hence, lettuce is also considered to be helpful for a diabetic diet.

Improves immune system
Lettuce is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which makes it a potential food for boosting immunity. Especially, Romaine lettuce is packed with all essential vitamins and minerals.

 Some of the healthy recipes with Lettuce
1-  Romaine lettuce salad


2- Broccoli and Lettuce Salad 

3-  Pineapple and lettuce salad

4-  Greek salad with lettuce

5- Chicken Caesar pasta salad

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