Life coach and therapist Tiesta Duggal shares 4 ways to cope with work burnout

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How to cope with work burnout

Over the years, with the growth and modernisation around the globe every firm, every organization, and person individually has been striving to do better each day and reach their pinnacle of success and do their best in their respective fields of works and industry.

The need to invest time and energy in one's work is constantly growing in today’s world to not only combat the competition but also to stay at the top of one's game and meet the needs, wants, and desires one has. This often leads to longer working hours, lesser personal space and time, disconnected from the real world, more screen time, and especially over the last year since the onset of the pandemic, it’s become more difficult for people to manage work-life balance. This can lead to burnout which is caused due to a sense of failure, lack of motivation and interest in the work, decreased satisfaction and desire to perform and if not dealt with in the long run, it could lead to chronic stress and also lay a foundation for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. So, therapist and life coach Tiesta Duggal, Founder, Navyam- The Mind and Soul Abode, shares some ways to deal with this work burnout.   

Some of the ways to deal with work burnout

Invest a few minutes a day in yourself: With all-time and energy one needs for work, it is a good idea to invest at least 15-20 minutes each day towards your own personal growth and development. You can try practicing some self-help techniques like deep breathing, some stretches to release the stress, spending a few minutes away from the screen, unwinding and relaxing, spending some time outdoors etc.

Reward and appreciate yourself: One of the ways to keep yourself motivated is to rebuild the connection with yourself, reward yourself at the end of each day, and appreciate yourself for achieving your goals for the day as well as setting achievable periodic goals and rewarding yourself for the same. One of the ways you can reward yourself is by taking small vacations to unwind from the stress.

Reach out for help: Most of the organisations today focus on employee welfare and are available to discuss and support employees dealing with any challenges. They often recruit their in-house corporate counsellor where you can discuss the feeling of loss of motivation and stress and cope with it. You can also find a therapist outside to help you deal with your problems.

Focus on a well-balanced diet and reduce caffeine: One of the ways to keep your mind healthy is ensuring your body is consuming the things that keep it healthy and fit. By following a proper diet, giving yourself proper rest, releasing stress by moving your body, reducing the intake of excessive caffeine, one can definitely rejuvenate themselves.

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