Lockdown has you mentally and physically exhausted? Doctors reveal simple steps to keep yourself healthy

Updated on Aug 03, 2020 12:29 PM IST  |  796.7K
Lockdown has you mentally and physically exhausted? Doctors reveal simple steps to keep yourself healthy

Frontline workers have been putting themselves at risk of contracting Coronavirus themselves. They have been at this for over 125 days now. They are exhausted. Fatigue is real. Their mental health too is suffering in the process among other things. 
Experts came together to discuss and raise funds for these healthcare workers who have been tirelessly doing their duty. Medical experts including Dr Mulffi Ladakwala, Dr Siddhant Bhargava, Dr Karishma Vijan, Dr Anjali Chhabria and Deanne Panday talked about how to maintain health and ensure it doesn't degrade, during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

This live was conducted to raise funds and awareness on how to maintain health during Covid-19. 
Some of the important points of discussion included: 

Impact of Covid-19 on mental health:
People have never died alone so they are scared of the pandemic. This is why it is affecting their mental health more. 

Maintaining a routine is important. Here's how to do it: 
Divide your day into 5 - 
- Me time
- Work time
- Time to learn a new skill
- Time to connect with friends
- Time to give back to nature, society or anybody else you wish to, in your own way. 

If you are still feeling low, it is best to reach out to your friends, family or experts who can help you.
Do not neglect this feeling, it will do more harm than good to not just yourself but people around you as well. 

How you can keep yourself motivated during this time: 
While it is not necessary to work out every day, it is necessary to get out of your bed and keep the body moving. 

Make sure you are doing what you love. Find a reason to jump out of bed every morning. Ikigai is the Japanese secret to a long, healthy life. It is the pure joy of doing something with all your focus, love and energy. If you haven't found it yet, use this time to find out that you love and keep some time apart for focusing on this. 

While the number of cases seems to be reducing, with a one-day record of just 700 in Mumbai, Dr Mulffi Ladakwala clears the air about the decline in the number of COVID positive results. 
People are getting blood tests and scans done without actually doing the COVID tests. So the number can't be true. People are self-quarantining themselves without the scare of BMC shutting everything up.

A lot of home remedies have been prescribed to keep the virus at bay. But will all the home remedies like Haldi, kadha etc. help in increasing the immunity? 
The experts say no. They recommend everybody eat a normal and balanced meal. Dr Siddhant recommends not to overdo stuff. He also believes that if you have not had all the home remedies for years, it is miraculously not going to increase immunity. Make sure you do not skip your healthy meals and you’ll be fine, he says! 

For more on all that was discussed and answers to common health questions, watch the Live video. 


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