Memory Impairment and Stress: Here are the ways stress affects memory and how to cope with it

Stress is not only bad for our health, but it can damage our memory and cognitive health. As a result, we are unable to learn when we are stressed out. So, given below are some easy ways to deal with stress and improve our memory.
Memory Impairment and Stress: Here are the ways stress affects memory and how to cope with it
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Stress is nowadays on the rise due to excessive daily work pressure and tight schedules. A little bit of stress is good as it pushes us to reach our goals and accept new challenges. But overwhelming stress is extremely bad for our health.

Not only does it affect our health and relationship, but it also has a deep connection with our memory. Recent research has seen that stress works a lot on how our memory works. But we can still improve our memory under stress. Here’s how.

Stress and memory: How are they connected?

How stress affects memory?

When we are stressed, it becomes hard for us to create short-term memories and then turn them into long-term ones. In short, stress prevents us from learning anything.

Another research suggests that stress increases cortisol secretion, a stress hormone. But that doesn’t mean our memory will be impaired due to the increased level of cortisol.

Stress causes exhaustion which may lead to cognitive impairment and this affects our attention and working memory.

How can we improve memory when you feel stressed out?

There are several techniques through which you can improve your memory under stress and also manage stress effectively. The strategies are as follows:

1.When stressed, practise breathing exercises, which improves your focus and attention. Along with this, imagine yourself reaching your goals. It will ease your stress and enhance your memory.

2.Enroll in a 12-week aerobic exercise program. Studies have shown that people with impaired memory due to the stress-related exhaustion are benefitted from this exercise program.

3.Another study revealed that people who practice meditation can also enhance their memory affected by stress. Meditation increases mindfulness which can lower stress and reduce the risk of memory impairment.

4.Some easy tricks are there that can help you with memory creation when you are stressed like clenching your fists or moving your eyes from side to side.

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