Menstrual Hygiene Tips: THIS is how you can keep your intimate area clean during your periods

While it may be a shush shush topic, it is very crucial to maintain vaginal hygiene during your periods in order to avoid any infections or health problems and it is something that every woman needs to understand.

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Menstrual Hygiene Tips: THIS is how you can keep your intimate area clean during your periods
Menstrual Hygiene Tips: THIS is how you can keep your intimate area clean during your periods

Menstruation is a part of every woman's life. Right from puberty till menopause, we end up having to deal with 4 to 8 days of bleeding every month. There's no running away from it no matter how much we hate it or how it impacts our lives. Many of us end up having to put up with mood swings and cramps that come along with periods and it's like hitting pause on life. But more importantly, there's a much-neglected topic of menstrual hygiene that needs to be discussed. Period still remains a taboo in a large part of our country and we don't deal with it in the right manner and shy away from taking care of our health and hygiene. Other than picking the right and comfortable menstrual product, it's also important to care for our vaginal health and hygiene in order to remain healthy. This is why every woman needs to know more about menstrual hygiene and keep her body clean and healthy in the long run to prevent any infections and health problems.


Here are some basic menstrual hygiene tips for every woman.

1. Periods or not, you should wash your intimate area at least twice a day. Women often assume that their vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and does not need any cleaning but it actually does. More so when you are on your periods because there's a lot of blood and it often tends to dry up and that is not very hygienic. Many a time women also end up using harsh soaps and products to cleanse their vagina but remember to simply use clean water and you can add some diluted but unscented soap in it.

2. Change your pad or tampon frequently. You should never use a sanitary pad for longer than 6 hours and a tampon for more than 8 hours. Not doing so can lead to infections and rash which are not good for your body or your vaginal health.

3. Just because there is too much bloodshed and pain, it doesn't mean that you won't get out of the bed and take a shower. Don't be lazy and ignore the importance of taking a bath and cleansing your body during your periods. It's not uncommon for your clothes to get stained and for the blood to dry up here and there and taking a bath ensures that you clean your entire body and remove any dirt and grime and germs from your body and also remove any dried blood and keep your body clean and hygienic.

4. Clean your hand before and after changing your menstrual product. Be it a pad or a tampon or a menstrual cup, don't forget to wash and clean your hand before you handle these products because your hand comes in contact with a lot of things that may have germs and bacteria which can then transfer to your intimate area and cause health problems.

5. Don't forget to change the towel you use to wipe and dry your intimate area. We often use the same towel for a week or maybe less but you should change and wash the towel you use to cleanse your vagina every day and if not, you can use an unscented intimate wipe or a paper towel or tissue to wipe and dry your intimate area.

6. Another thing to remember while you wash and wipe down there is the direction in which you cleanse your intimate area. Start from your vagina and then move backwards and avoid going in the opposite direction as this can allow the microorganisms and faecal matter from your anus to enter your vagina and cause an infection.

7. Stay away from any scented products for your intimate area, be it a cleansing product or a menstrual product. Your vagina is vulnerable to infections more so during your periods and it's best to avoid anything that can have a negative impact on it. 

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