Mental Health: 5 Tips to stay mentally calm and composed during the Covid 19 second wave

The second wave is increasing affecting the mental health and here's how you can stay sane during it all.
Mental Health: 5 Tips to stay mentally calm and composed during the Covid 19 second wave
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The Covid-19 second wave has hit us all pretty hard. Whether you have contracted the virus or you are staying safe at home, there are ways that the difficult time can take a toll on your mental health. Social media which is meant for entertainment is now the biggest catalyst for help where you will constantly find news and updates about who needs what during the pandemic while also updating you on the negative effects the pandemic is creating. This can take a toll on your mental health and more and more people are trying to stay sane during this difficult time. Here are a few tips that will help you calm the chaos in your mind. 

1. Grieve and don’t let things bundle up

Whether you have lost a family member or close friend, trying to stay strong for the world and pretending everything is alright is not a good way to cope. Make sure you grieve properly and talk to people about your loss. Talking to loved ones will not only make you feel lighter but also makes you feel that someone is around to lean on. 

2. Take a day’s break

Work can be exhausting even when it is from home. While the world is struggling even for the basic necessities, work could be superficial at times. So, take a break even though it is just to read your favourite books, listen to music or just to sleep. 

3. Find what you like

In between your difficult day and exhausting schedule, find a way to unwind even though it’s for a few minutes. These are all power pockets and all you need to do is either call your friend, take a bath do a skincare routine. It’s quite close to taking a break but just with a shorter amount of time. A personal favourite here is to watch an episode of Friends. It makes you think of the simpler times. 

4. Change of space

If you have contracted the virus or are staying at home, a way to let the positivity in is by changing the space up. Do you know why people cut their hair after a breakup? Because they feel in control. When everything around you is out of control, changing your space a bit and moving furniture around can help a lot. Something as simple as working out on your terrace instead of at home can also be a fruitful change. 

5. Don’t just sleep

Stress often makes people lethargic and results in you either binge eating your feelings or sleeping all day. This takes a toll on your mental and physical health in the long run. Slowly start moving around and take a walk in the premises you live in. Even jump roping for 10 minutes will help you feel better. Yoga or exercise of any kind will help you stay sane in the long run. 

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