Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: 12 creative ways to deal with depression and anxiety

Depression is a deep feeling of hopelessness during which people experience a lack of enthusiasm or pleasure to do anything. So, here are some creative ways to fight with this feeling of despair.
Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: 12 creative ways to deal with depression and anxiety
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Depression is a state of prolonged sadness or low-mood which affects people’s thoughts, behaviour, motivation, feelings and self-esteem. It’s completely different from just the feeling of sadness because depression tends to stay for a long time and get severe if not treated in time. It may even arouse suicidal thoughts in a person who feels depressed for a long time. People with depression may also experience a feeling of rejection and hopelessness.

Anhedonia is the most common symptom of depression in which people experience lack of enthusiasm in everything that gives us pleasure. Depression is also a common symptom of mood disorders and depressive disorders. It’s a common reaction to life events such as loss of loved ones. Depression tends to get cured with time but if it seems to be getting prolonged and severe then people do need help from a psychologist or psychoanalyst. Along with the counselling, it is also important to engage in certain creative things to ward of your depression. So, here are some tips to deal with your depression creatively.

Tips to channel your depression with creative ways:

1-  Gardening is considered to boost your self-esteem. So, you can invest some time to plant indoor or outdoor plants at your place to indulge in nurturing.

2-  Take out your camera and click photos. It can be your portraits, nature clicks, your pet’s pictures or anything. Just try your skill at photography to slow down the pace for a while and breathe.

3-  Bring out old stuff in your home and recreate something new out of it. It can be your old clothes, chairs or a lamp. Do some DIY things with them.

4-  Going for a run or long walk in the morning will make you feel energetic. Try to do this regularly along with mild yoga asanas.

5-  If you love to paint and draw, then get yourself engaged in artwork. Freestyle artwork is highly therapeutic to combat depression or anxiety.

6-  Makeup is another fun thing to get busy with. You can learn from makeup video tutorials or opt for an online makeup workshop to enhance your makeup skills.

7-  Try making scented candles and perfumes. You can also gift them to your loved ones as a mark of souvenir.

8-  Dogs are great to give you mental support. So, if you feel lonely and depressed then bring a new furry friend to your home. Labrador Retrievers would be best for it as they are also used as therapy dogs.

9- Baking is also helpful. You can bake cookies, cakes, muffins or brownies.

10- If you don’t want to opt for any creative things then use your knowledge and experience of depression to teach other people who are also suffering from it. You can share your experience and struggle to let everyone know how you fought with the feeling of hopelessness. Often, it helps people to understand how to deal with the situation if they get help from an experienced person.  

11- Do some embroidery work as even that will help you to calm down and concentrate.

12- If you don’t like baking that much then cook anything that you want. Even prepare an omelette for yourself will make you happy.

Along with all these things, counselling from a registered therapist is always recommended to heal from the depression. And whenever you feel helpless then don’t delay to reach out to a psychologist for help.

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Anonymous 6 months ago

Such an interesting,well-written article! It is really the need of the hour to know and practice all these things!