MIND Diet: Here’s how it can help to improve your brain and overall health

MIND diet is a combination of two popular diet routines. It includes nutritional foods which are good for cognitive decline, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. So, read on to know everything about this combined diet plan.

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MIND Diet: Here’s how it can help to improve your brain and overall health
MIND Diet: Here’s how it can help to improve your brain and overall health
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MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurological Delay) is a combination of two popular diet plans- Mediterranean diet and DASH diet. This diet plan was mainly created to observe the effects of certain foods on our health. This diet is advised to reduce the symptoms of Dementia and improve brain health in old age. MIND diet was developed by Martha Clare Morris and her colleagues. She is the nutritional epidemiologist of Rush University Medical Centre.

In research, they have seen that MIND diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 53 percent among participants. This diet primely focuses on the consumption of those foods which enhance cognitive function and decline brain ageing.

Foods to have in MIND diet

Green leafy veggies- every day.

Other veggies- once per day.

Nuts- per day.

Berries- At least twice per week.

Beans- every other day.

Whole grains- three times per day.

Fish- at least once a week.

Poultry- at least twice a week.

Olive oil

Wine- one glass per day.

Foods not to eat in MIND diet

You can avoid having these foods in MIND diet or can limit their consumption. The foods are as follows:

Red meats- Try to avoid.

Butter and margarine- Less than 1 tbsp per day.

Cheese- Less than one serving per week.

Pastries and sweets- limit.

Fast foods- Less than one serving per week.

How does mind diet work?

MIND diet consists of those foods that have nutrients which can lower the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. These foods actually slow down cognitive decline and reduce neuron loss. This diet also helps to decrease oxidative stress and inflammation. This diet is rich in Vitamin E and DHA. Vitamin E is found in nuts, oilseeds, leafy veggies, plant oils, etc. and is a potent antioxidant needed for brain health. It also contains Vitamins B, C and D which are all beneficial for neurons to cope with ageing. Berries included in the MIND diet reduce neuron loss and improve memory.

This diet also brings a balance of fats in our body by limiting the consumption of fried foods, pastries, full-fat dairy, red meats and increasing the intake of fish, nuts and plant oils.

According to doctors, having nutritious foods can prevent, delay and manage the ageing process and chronic conditions. So, MIND diet is not only good for neurological health but it also promotes overall well-being.

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