Mint for Weight Loss: Here's how Pudina leaves will help to shed extra kilos

Mint for Weight Loss: Want to know Pudina leaves aids in losing weight? Read on to find out and other health benefits.
Mint for Weight Loss: Here's how Pudina leaves will help to shed extra kilos Mint for Weight Loss: Here's how Pudina leaves will help to shed extra kilos
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Mint, which is commonly known as Pudina in India has many health benefits for it possesses therapeutic properties. Pudina has been one of the important ingredients in Ayurveda and we have been using it for its medicinal benefits for a long time. Pudina has been part of our staple and daily diet in the form of chutneys, raitas and garnishes etc. How can we forget super popular Mojito drink? However, did you know it can also aid weight loss? Want to how? Then read on. 

Mint for Weight Loss: Find out Pudina leaves will help to shed a pound or two.

Low in calories and fibre rich

The leaves are not only in low in calories but it also packs a lot of fibre. And weight watchers must be aware that these two factors are quite important when it comes to weight loss. So, one can have them without worrying about its calories. Fibre will only help you keep you full for longer. 

Boosts metabolism

Mint leaves also aids in the absorption of essential nutrients from food and the same leading to better metabolism. Faster metabolism leads to shedding of extra fats.

Aids in the stimulation of digestive enzymes 

The consumption of mint leaves helps to stimulate digestive enzymes. And the same converts fats into usable energy. So, in this way, one can bid bye to the extra fats.

It has anti-inflammatory agents

As per studies, inflammation is one of the major causes of degenerative diseases such as heart issues, cancer, hypertension, and diabetes among others. It can also cause weight gain and one can find quite a difficulty to lose weight. The anti-inflammatory agents in pudina will only do good for weight watchers.

Promotes digestion

If you are suffering from gastric and bloating issues which makes you feel full then Pudina leaves can come to your rescue. The Menthol in the leaves can boost digestion and indirectly aids weight loss. Poor digestion is one of the reasons why your weighing scale is not budging.

Other health benefits

Aside from weight loss, the same also aids and prevents indigestion, reduces the cholesterol level, prevents nausea, helps to fight many other diseases such as diabetes, respiratory problems, depression and fatigue among others. 

How to incorporate mint leaves in daily diet?

One of the easiest ways to include mint is by having Pudina infused water every day. Take a pitcher of water, add 5-6 leaves and refrigerate it overnight. Keep sipping the water the next day. One can add a dash of lime and cucumbers as well. Mint tea, mint raita, and mint juice are some simple and easy ways to add the leaves in daily diet.

NOTE: Consult your doctor before adding mint leaves your diet.

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