Mira Rajput's weight loss secret can motivate you to lose that post pregnancy fat; Check it out

Mira Rajput's post-pregnancy weight gain did not stop her from working hard and shedding it within months with the help of her fitness freak husband who kept her motivated.
Mira Rajput's weight loss secret can motivate you to lose that post pregnancy fat; Check it outMira Rajput's weight loss secret can motivate you to lose that post pregnancy fat; Check it out
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One of the most eligible bachelors of B-town married this beautiful young woman who has no connections with the film industry whatsoever. Shahid Kapoor got married to his wife Mira Rajput in 2015 and soon after the marriage, they had a baby. While Mira Kapoor is no actress, this beautiful woman has a number of fans because of her poise and beauty. They seem to have become another one of the power couples of Tinsel town. While they never fail to impress us with their style, the fans also love the way they are with their kids. They're doting parents to their kids but that does not stop either of them from staying fit. While Shahid has always been a fitness freak, Mira is no less.

The best proof of this is that she managed to lose all the post-pregnancy weight soon after having a baby! Within months of having a baby, we saw Mira looking fit and making big progress! If we didn't know better we wouldn't have guessed that she had a baby! There's no doubt that Mira Rajput trained hard to get fit and back in shape but we all need her weight loss secrets for our own weight loss goals. She recently had a second child which did not deter her from getting fit all over again.

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Here are Mira Rajput's weight loss secrets to help you get in shape:

Mira Rajput Workout:

Mira Rajput trains hard in the gym and she goes to the gym with her hubby, Shahid and they both sweat it out together in the gym. She also took up the 100- day walking challenge as a part of her fitness regime. 

She works out in the gym and includes light workouts like walking to burn the fat but other than this she also focuses a lot of staying positive and determined. She believes it's essential to accept your body after having a baby and then set goals to keep you going.

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Mira Rajput Diet:

Mira includes a lot of salads and fitness foods like finger millet and almonds to her diet. She keeps her snacks light and healthy that help her feel full but also give her just enough calories. She also ensures that she consumes lentils and fenugreek which aids weight loss.

She also adds some dairy products to her diet which helps provide her body with loads of proteins and calcium. She also adds some healthy seed like carom and sesame seeds that can help lactating mothers in keeping infections away and remain healthy. 

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