Monday Mind Talks: How relationships in the 21st century affect our mental health

Dr. Maliha Sable, a licenced mental health clinician, is here today to discuss how relationships in the twenty-first century affect our mental health.

Updated on May 24, 2022 01:42 PM IST  |  193K
Relationships in 21st century
Monday Mind Talks: How relationships in the 21st century affect our mental health
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Relationships with other people are important aspects of our lives, even if we sometimes take them for granted. Good relationships can help us live longer, happier lives with fewer mental health issues. Close, positive relationships can give us a sense of belonging and purpose, whereas toxic relationships can cause feelings of low self-worth, helplessness, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, paranoia, and even narcissism. They give us a sense of connectedness and, as a result, improve our overall health and well-being.

However, the quality of your relationships is crucial, as it is believed that people who are single have better mental health than those who are in unhappy relationships. Dr. Maliha Sable, a certified mental health clinician, is here today to share her knowledge about how relationships in the twenty-first century affect our mental health.

fights impacting relationship

How do fights in relationships impact mental health?

“Expectations exist between two people in a relationship. When a person has feelings and emotions attached to them, getting into a relationship is usually not a problem, but maintaining it is. There are various traits involved, as well as ego and some kind of behaviour that may or may not be appropriate for your partner. That ego gets in the way and starts a fight. Our mental health is affected because emotions and feelings are involved,” explains Dr. Maliha. 

Relationships are an essential part of our psychological well-being. She adds, “Humans require emotional support from their partners. You confide in your partner about the expectations that no one else has met. We enter a relationship for the sake of security.” For better or worse, relationships have the ability to influence physical and mental health.

However, conflict in a relationship isn't always a bad thing, despite how difficult and uncomfortable it can be. And of course, when a relationship conflict is healthy and productive, it can teach people about how others see and experience the world. It can also help people grow by generating original solutions to problems. When conflict isn't productive or healthy, however, it can be harmful to all parties involved.

quality relationship

How to maintain relationships without damaging mental health?

Any two people who support, encourage, and help each other both practically and emotionally can have a positive relationship. Healthy communication, according to Dr. Maliha, is the key to maintaining relationships in the twenty-first century. Couples must pay attention to one another and communicate without passing judgement. They must have mutual trust and respect and must engage in healthier activities together. 

“Your expectation with your partner should be clear. You should be aware of your reactions to a situation if, for example, there is an argument and disagreement going on. You should be aware of your relationship's dynamics. If you and your partner have an argument, you should know that you don't react to it, but rather respond to it.”

meaningful relationship

Humans have an innate desire to form relationships, and healthy relationships can lead to improved mental and emotional well-being. Any two people who support, love, and encourage each other can have a positive relationship which will add meaning to out lives. There's nothing like having someone root for you through life's ups and downs. You feel more confident and self-assured when you have someone in your life who will always support you. Above all, everyone deserves to be in healthy relationships that bring them joy and help them grow as individuals.

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