Monday Mind Talks: I am stuck in a toxic job; What should I do?

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Monday Mind Talks: I am stuck in a toxic job; What should I do?

I am stuck in a toxic job. I end up feeling helpless since I can’t move out. What should I do?

Bad days at work are common for everyone. But the problem arises when the mere thought of going back to work gives someone severe anxiety. Loathing about a job not only affects mental health but also lands the body in trouble. Ultimately, this tremendous work stress ends up ruining people's life by robbing them of their mental peace and physical well-being, completely. When someone is already battling anxiety and depression, workplace stress can add to the woes. Outsized stress can also result in mental fatigue, where one can never feel at peace. Going to a job that one hates every day can seriously hinder mental peace. It is important to take the space and time away from the office to recover and recuperate from the stress and anxiety. It can be difficult at first, but it's vital to get a mental break from work. One can focus on other aspects of life during the downtime. The time away can help people to be at their best once again and return to work with a positive mindset. Also, acknowledging what is wrong in the work environment and working to make it better is a good idea. Look at the good things in the work environment. As one starts to see the good things, the mind will start to notice more of the good things.

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How can one handle workplace frustration and anger?

The best way to manage anger or frustration at work is through some self-awareness and honesty. If someone feels like losing the grip of a situation at work, it's crucial to take the time to reflect on life and the issues at hand. It’s best to acknowledge that bad days are bound to happen at work. Instead of expressing anger through angry words and arbitrary sounds, it would be important to just use a vertical voice and express what one feels. Also, one should find some time to self-reflect and understand ‘where the frustration is coming from’. One can reflect on the experience by taking some time out of a workday and doing a relaxing activity. One could go for a walk, a run, or engage in some form of exercise. A person could even meditate and surround himself with some calming sounds like the sounds of nature. This can help to clear the mind and decipher the cause of the problems.

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Inputs by: Dr. Prakriti Poddar, Mental Health Expert, Director, Poddar Wellness

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