Monday Mind Talks: Ways to support your teen's mental health

Here are some advice to help your teenager's mental health.

Updated on May 18, 2022 10:11 AM IST  |  201.3K
Mental health
Monday Mind Talks: Ways to support your teen's mental health
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Healthy adolescent development, strong relationships, and resilience all require good mental health. Strong and loving relationships can have a direct and positive impact on the mental health of teenagers. Good mental health is an important component of healthy teenage development because it helps young people develop positive, social, emotional thinking, and communication skills and behaviours. It also lays the groundwork for future mental health and well-being.

Here we bring you 4 ways how you can support your teenager’s mental health.

role model for teens

1. Become a role model for your teenagers

Parents are ideal role models for their children. They play a major role in how children turn out. By following the rules and regulations and restricting themselves from wrongdoing, parents can support their teenagers to follow the local rules and regulations. Being a positive role model necessitates planning and self-control. Show your teen how you adjust your daily life in response to changing rules and restrictions to model flexibility and problem-solving.

2. Accept your teen’s emotions

Teens may express an emotion before they can think about it or deal with it because they have poor impulse control due to brain changes. Open conversations with your teen about their emotional state can reduce their chances of developing a mental health disorder or having suicidal thoughts. Teens can feel very vulnerable when sharing their emotions, so building trust between parent and child is critical.


3. Listen to your teenager

For pre-teens and teenagers, active listening improves communication and fosters positive relationships. Giving your full attention to your child is the first step toward active listening. You must listen without any judgement reaction. It entails allowing your child to speak, showing interest, and summarizing your child's words and feelings. 

self care

4. Care for yourself

Caregivers face numerous challenges. You also require self-care and support. Parental stress or burnout can sometimes become so severe that it becomes difficult to overcome it on your own. Self-care is also a good way to model the practise for your teen. There can be times when parents are feeling emotionally vulnerable and overwhelmed with the entire process, and it is perfectly okay to feel this way. Experiment with various positive coping strategies to see what works best for you. Some suggestions include exercising, talking with friends, catching up on your favourite hobby, and so on.

If your teen is having difficulty adjusting to new challenges, or if you are struggling with your own mental health, seek professional help. Remember that by seeking help when you need it, you are also setting a good example for your teen.

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