Morning Diet Vs Night Diet: The BEST way to plan your meals to stay healthy

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Morning Diet Vs Night Diet: The BEST way to plan your meals to stay healthy

When it comes to eating in the morning and eating in the night, there are some differences in the kind of food you eat. In the morning, one requires energy and nutrition to go about the day and stay active throughout the day. While at night, you require a light and easy-on-the-stomach kind of a meal. 

As with everything else in life, timing is also important when it comes to having your meals and staying healthy. It is also important to keep in mind that it helps to align our meals with our natural circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a natural physiological system that coordinates our sleep-wake cycle and balances all the hormones and metabolic processes related to it. If you plan your meals according to your body’s natural activities, it will help you function better and improve your health by leaps and bounds.

Health benefits of morning diet:

When we say breakfast, we mean having a heavy breakfast that constitutes of all food groups. Weight loss becomes easier if you eat a big breakfast as you stay full for long hours and don’t feel tempted by unhealthy snacking.

Eating a big breakfast early in the morning may also improve your triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels and insulin levels throughout the day. If you continue this practice for a long time, this will result in a significantly lower risk of health problems. You are also less likely to fall prey to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease. 

Health benefits of night diet:

When preparing your dinner, go for the lightest dishes in your recipe book. Eat frugally and eat early at night. You need to give your body a few hours of time for digesting the last meal you have before going to bed. 

Eating late and going to bed right away means your system is busy digesting late at night which also disrupts the body processes that happen as we sleep. This may lead to hormone disturbances, midnight snacking and weight gain. Eating light and early in the night can keep you away from such health disorders.

Morning diet vs night diet: Which is better?

Big breakfast eaters are more likely to lose weight than those who eat big dinners late at night. Morning dieters also have balanced triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels throughout the day. 

Our bodies tend to function better when we eat a big breakfast and helps us maintain body weight, hormone regulation and other metabolic activities!


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