Mother’s Corner: My 5 year old wants to sleep every time I ask him to study; What should I do?

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My baby hates studying
My 5 year old wants to sleep every time I ask him to study; What should I do?

At an age as young as 5, it may be hard to make your young one gets to study. He or she might make excuses to get away from it and may lack the enthusiasm to study.

Here is what a doctor has to say.

My 5-year-old wants to sleep every time I ask him to study. Is he enacting it just to get away with study or he really feels sleepy?

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If it’s happening on a daily basis, there are chances that it’s his body clock asking him to sleep when you get him to study. If he sleeps right when you ask him to stop, he might not be acting and may really be feeling sleepy. But, if he is wide awake after you let him go, he might just be using it as an excuse to get away from sleep.

What should I do?

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Try making changes in your boy’s schedule. Make sure that he is getting ample sleep. Change the study hours. If it’s soon after lunch, he might feel lazy and not study at all. Push it towards the evening or right before he has his snacks. Also, give him proper time to sleep in the afternoon, if he wants to. The study should feel like play to young children otherwise they lose interest and it’s hard to get them to study. Use innovative ways to teach him and take help from picture and edutainment toys. If none of that helps, start by making him study for 10 mins and gradually increase the time. Never scold your child if he isn’t studying this might make him stubborn. Explain to him the importance of education and let him go away if he insists and ask when next he will study. But don’t make this a habit, this should be only done when the child is adamant about not studying.

Inputs by: Dr. Prakriti Poddar, Mental Health Expert and Director, Poddar Wellness.

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