Mother’s Corner: My newborn is always cranky; What should I do?

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Cranky baby
My newborn is always cranky; What should I do?

Crying babies can give new mothers mini heart attacks. Is he or she in pain, are they hurt, or are they already hungry? Many such thoughts cross the mind but it is often difficult to figure out the real reason behind a crying baby.

Here is what a doctor has to say.

Why is my newborn always cranky?

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A baby who is excessively irritable, crying, clingy and wanting to be held throughout is a cranky baby. Is it normal or abnormal? Most of the time a cranky baby is a normal baby craving for more love and attention. Apart from that, there may be other reasons, too. During normal developmental phases, there is an entity called growth spurt which happens before every milestone like neck holding, sitting and walking etc. During these phases babies get cranky. Colic is the next common reason for a cranky baby. It is nothing but excessive gas in the stomach and intestines which cause pain in the abdomen and difficulty in passing stools. Happens majorly because of bottle feeds, supplementary milk feeds, poor burping practices, improper dietary habits of the mother and several such factors.

Babies with fever, cold, cough, urine infections, diarrhoea, and constipation can also be cranky. These kids should be taken to a pediatrician immediately and get treatment accordingly. An excessively tired baby or lack of sleep can cause crankiness. Inadequate sleep due to sickness or travel or change in place can aggravate the situation.

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Teething is another reason which causes a baby to become cranky due to itching and mild pain. Babies prefer to chew onto multiple objects during these times.

How to deal with a cranky baby?

Remedy is to be patient and go through the phase. Baby settles down usually in two to three weeks. However, if you feel the baby is in pain, treating the underlying cause after consultation with a pediatrician and adding anti colic medications can help the baby. The mantra is that parents should be patient enough to deal with a cranky baby. Try to maintain a calm and subtle environment at home. Rocking the baby gently in arms or swings, singing a lullaby, gentle music, are other ways to deal with a cranky baby.

Remember a baby is cranky for a reason!

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Inputs by: DR. R. V. SOUJANYA, Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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rice starch has been found to be more useful than rum water to soothe the baby .