Mother’s diary: Here’s a gentle reminder to all the new mothers

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New mothers
Here’s a gentle reminder to all the new mothers

Are you stuck between changing diapers, breastfeeding your baby, and being nothing but a swinging chair for your baby? Welcome to motherhood. The new phase must surely be taking a toll on your life and routine. Late night sleep, early mornings, afternoon naps that were earlier a big no, is what your sleep schedule must be like, while the rest of the day must be all about looking after your baby, and feeding him or her.

But in all this chaos are you leaving behind yourself? Most probably the answer will be a yes. After all, you are just one human with two hands, and have a day that is only about 24 hours. But no matter how difficult it looks, looking after yourself, and taking care of your physical and mental health is just as important.

So, here’s a gentle reminder for all the new mothers that their bodies need them, too.

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De-stress at least once in a day

Your days can be both tough and stressful. You will be left exhausted at the end of the day, both mentally and physically. Hence, it is important that you de-stress, at least, once every day. You can seek help from a professional, or can simply take to yoga and meditation to relieve stress. Mindful doodling is another great option. If nothing works for you, put on your headphones, listen to some calming music, and exercise or just sit in isolation. This will help.

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Remember daily chores can wait

Most new mothers try to finish all their pending daily chores when their tiny tot is asleep. And amid all this, they are left with absolutely no time for themselves. Hence, it is important to understand that exhausting your body will not help you in the long run. Take breaks when your baby is sleeping. Sleep for a while, or just pick a corner of the house and have your favourite beverage. It is okay to be giving some time to yourself. As long as you are happy and healthy, your child will, too.

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There’s nothing wrong in asking time for yourself

If, for some reason, you are unable to make time for yourself, ask your family or husband to take care of the baby for some time. If this can’t happen on weekdays, allot Sundays for that. And no, this doesn’t mean that you are a bad or careless mother. You need time, too.

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