Mother’s Diary: Here is why you shouldn't feel embarrassed for pursuing your dreams after embracing motherhood

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Mothers feeling embarrassed
Here is why you shouldn't feel embarrassed for pursuing your dreams after embracing motherhood

Books in one hand, and a baby in the other. This is not what we usually picture when we think about a mother. A so-called ideal mother has to be on her toes doing all the daily chores, changing the baby’s diapers, breastfeeding him or her, and, not to mention, putting a full stop at her dreams. This is what society, in general, expects from a woman who has just stepped into motherhood.

And those who don’t surrender to these demands, are often named and shamed. So much so, that they start questioning themselves as to how bad a mother they are. However, is it essential to give up on your dreams while embracing motherhood? The answer depends on you.

But, if you are choosing to take up that course that was lying on your bucket list for a long or planning to start working, here is why you should not feel embarrassed about it.

working mother and baby

Motherhood doesn’t need validation from others

While studying or working after having a baby may snatch away the time that you may otherwise get to spend with your baby, at the end of the day it’s your call. You don’t need validation from others for being a good mother. If pursuing your dream course is your priority, there’s nothing wrong with taking it up. You may feel sad for not getting enough time with your baby, but everything comes at a cost. If you trust yourself, you should just go for it without thinking about what people around you will say or think.

mother and child

Your child will be proud of you

Once your child will grow, he or she will realise what his or her mother has done and will surely be proud of your effort. It is likely that they will follow in your footsteps and will see you as their motivation. A loving family always wants to see their woman in charge to grow and succeed. However, there are chances that your child may blame you for not giving him or her enough time or choosing your dreams over him or her, you should know how to handle it. These will be temporary feelings and will go away if handled wisely.

You have a life too

Whether you choose to work, study or give yourself to your family, it’s a matter of your choice. Be independent in taking decisions, but always be open to suggestions. It’s your life and you should be giving yourself that freedom to choose what you want and how you see your life ahead. There’s nothing wrong with working towards your dreams. Remember, a happy mother means a happy family.

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