Mother's Corner: My baby wants to stay in my arms and cries when I put him down; What should I do?

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Baby cries on bed
My baby wants to stay in my arms and cries when I put him down; What should I do?

We all have seen a baby who just wants to stay in arms and go out for a walk, and cries when you put him or her down. This is nothing but extra pressure on new mothers who are already exhausted after all the diaper changing and breastfeeding sessions.

Here is what a doctor has to say on this.

My baby cries when I put him down and is calm when in my lap or arms. Why?

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Babies are very sensitive to touch and close physical contact. Skin to skin contact or Kangaroo care is extremely beneficial for temperature regulation, reducing crying and establishing breastfeeds among many other benefits. Younger the baby, the more the sensitivity. Skin to skin contact perhaps simulates before birth environment closely and hence babies feel emotionally secure and comfortable.

I am unable to carry my baby in my arms all the time. What should I do?

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It may not be possible to practice skin to skin exclusively by a mother. There are a couple of ways one can reduce the demand on mothers. When a baby is not due for feeding, any other family member can safely practise skin to skin contact. If the baby is about to sleep, carry the baby with the same clothes or sheets the baby sleeps in. Body heat will warm the sheets and the baby is less likely to recognise the temperature difference when put to bed. Hold on to the baby for a good few minutes after sleeping so that baby is deep asleep and less likely to wake up as soon as putting on the bed. It is also important to maintain the lighting as appropriate for day and night as the baby's s sleep cycle is mostly determined by light perception.

Inputs by: Dr Sanjeeva Reddy, Consultant - Pediatrics, PICU, And Neonatology, Manipal Hospital, Whitefield.

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