Mother's Day Special: Experts reveal what kids can do to take care of their moms and their health

Mother's Day Special: We asked 4 experts to share some tips on how kids can help to improve their mother's health.
Mother's Day,Health & FitnessMother's Day Special: Experts reveal what kids can do take care of their moms and their health
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Mother's Day which is celebrated every second Sunday of May will be observed tomorrow i.e. May 10. This year the celebrations will be different and less grand as we are following lockdown guidelines. However, that doesn't mean we cannot make our moms feel special on this day. Aside from gifts, meals and fun activities, kids, on this day and every day, should do certain things and must take efforts to take care of their moms and their health. It is a known fact that our mothers hardly take care of their own health and constantly look after us and family. But we kids should also take care of mom's health no matter what. We have asked four experts to help us with some lesser-known tips on how we can take care of our moms and improve their health.

Diksha Chhabra, Certified Fitness Expert and Nutritionist, Founder of Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultation 
Diksha Chhabra said, "This Mother's day let's turn the tables and put mothers under the spotlight by becoming the caregiver and support to them. We grew up seeing our mom's making sacrifices for us all through their lives but it's high time they get the feeling of love and concern for their health and wellbeing." She gave three tips for kids.

Encourage them for Healthy Meals:
The first and foremost step towards dieting is getting rid of all the harmful, junk food that leads to high cholesterol, sugar levels, hormonal imbalances, and blood pressure. Women are prone to develop health issues due to bad eating habits twice compared to men. Encourage your mother to eat healthy by eating and cooking healthy with her. She will love your companionship and will be more disciplined towards her meals.

Make sure she hydrates:
If mom is in charge of the kitchen, you can be in charge of constant intake of water, healthy juices, and detox drinks not just for her but for yourself and everyone in the family. These simple detox drinks don't require much time and exposure to fire. So kids of all ages can bring this habit to practice.

Keep her micronutrients in check:
Women after the age of 35 start depleting essential minerals like Calcium and Iron. Also, 2 out of 5 women are suffering from vitamin deficiency due to poor nourishment. As a child, ensure that mom is taking her daily dose of prescribed supplements for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Nora Bali, Mom Blogger, A Classic Mom
Nora Bali, a professional digital content creator who shares chronicles her candid life stories in her channel – A Classic Mom, also shared her inputs on healthy choices kids can make for moms.

She said, "Inculcating good habits in kids is a mandate for mothers that they follow very religiously. You can see me talking about it in a fun and playful way in my YouTube videos – A Classic Mom. Mothers like to be always right for their kids and they make sure that they teach them and raise them to be disciplined and healthy.
But this Mother’s Day lets have the kids do some real work for moms. So, kids, we all know how deeply you love your mommies! It is time to prove it now and the sooner you do that the better it is for your mother’s health.  We all want an upbeat and joyful mom in the house, don’t we?"

Groove with her: Helping your mom to be in shape is the best thing you can gift her. So, plan a fun work out session every day and make sure you get her to move and exercise. Start small, don’t go overboard with an intense workout regime. Some of the days you can plan some dance songs and groove with her. It will help them express themselves better and bring out the happier person that they are. You will be surprised to see they have an inner child that is waiting to come out and dance. 

Music Therapy: You must have heard this before – “Music is the best healer”. Music also helps you to be in an upbeat mood throughout the day. So, make a playlist for your mom with her favourites and some soulful music of her choice and play it for her when she is doing her chores. You take the initiative of playing it for her and connect to the speaker so that she can hear it wherever she moves in the house and after that, she will do it on her own when you are not around. Trust me on this.

Read with her: Reading is the best exercise for the brain to be active and refreshed. Take out 20 – 30 mins a day when you can spend with your mom sipping your favourite drink and reading. Read novels and she can read her news or enjoy flipping some magazines. It is a great bonding exercise. Trust me it will make both of you very happy people.

Nutritionist Jinal Savla, founder & owner of Healthy Palate

Jinal also shared some simple and effective ways as well. She said," Kids can assist mothers in cooking up some healthy dessert or in simple household chores like cleaning & washing vegetables so that moms can take some time out for themselves during the quarantine. They can also engage their moms in a fun dance or aerobic workout with themselves to keep their mommies fit. They can also prepare some DIY face masks & pedicure scrubs to pamper their moms during this difficult times & make them feel special.

Mr. Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Integrative Medicine

He has some important points for mothers as well as for kids. He said, "Mothers are the pillars of our families and generation. I always see mothers prioritizing their families before them as a result of which their health tends to deteriorate over the years taking the shape of diseases like PCOS, diabetes, anemia, obesity, thyroid, hypertension, and even cancer.

Put yourself first. This is in no way being selfish, this just means taking out that ME time for yourself and your body, even if it is just 15 minutes a day.  Giving yourself that undivided attention is actually going to help you remain calm and help maintain your emotional health."

Healthy eating
Often, it is believed that healthy eating is not probable in a chaotic lifestyle. However, that is not true. All one needs is a modification in approach and a firm choice to be a fit and healthy mom. Introspect at every point whether you are feeding your immunity or feeding disease. You can certainly be a super mom and also meet your health goals at the same time.

Express your feelings, dear moms.
Women, by nature, love to share and express their challenges. A failure to express and speak out results in the emotional internalization of things, which is one of the prime causes of stress eating. Make the right choice. Heal your emotions with feelings and tools that work for your mind and soul like deep breathing, yoga, nature walks, positive affirmations, not with food.  Kids’ reading this, please make an effort to communicate with your mothers. Communication and compassionate listening are the biggest healers. 

Maintain your timetable and stick to it 
This is with respect to eating, sleeping, working out too. So many moms keep shuffling their eating timings. Let skip their morning and noon meals and then finally consume a heavy dinner. No matter how far we might have come in terms of evolution, our dinners still have to be light. It is important to develop a habit of eating meals and going to sleep at the same time. Everything in us works according to a rhythm. 

Anonymous 5 months ago

Madam Bali, an apparent content creator, uses freelancers to get her work done and does not pay them. All talk and 0 preach is her way. Be careful who you follow and recommend too many fake people out there.

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