Mother's diary: 3 Things that every new mother should know

Updated on Nov 02, 2021 08:56 PM IST  |  210.7K
Tips for new mothers
3 Things that every new mother should know

Sleepless nights, skipped meals, a routine that has gone for a toss, motherhood can be anything but normal, especially for new mothers. This daunting phase might instil feelings of regret, frustration, anger, and discomfort. However, all this is temporary, but what is not is your never-ending love for your child.

But many new mothers may fail to realise that this is just a phase, and may end up surrendering to the situation. But this is the last thing that one should do. Here are a few things that new mothers should know and always keep in mind, in order to sail through the phase at ease.

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All the discomfort and pain is temporary

While motherhood can definitely take a toll on your health, new mothers should remember that all this is temporary. It is usually in the early months or years of motherhood that mothers may feel overwhelmed. However, as time passes and you adjust to the phase, you will realise that all the pain was almost zero in comparison to the beauty of the phase. Hence, have patience, seek help from experts or friends who have kids, and make your mind that you will sail through it.

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Don’t overdo anything

Many new mothers become excessively possessive. Several articles on the Internet, and a numerous amount of advice about newborn care may make you do everything you can. However, when it comes to newborns don’t overdo anything. Just go by your doctor’s words, or the age-old home remedies. Never experiment or believe whatever is out there on the Internet, because after all your baby is not something from a biology practical class.

Don’t try to be perfect

It’s okay to make a few mistakes and learn from them. There’s no magic book to ace motherhood. It’s a learning on the job thing. Don’t be in pursuit of perfection, because this way you won’t get anything but exhaustion, anxiety, and stress. Hence, maintain your composure. Even if you are making mistakes, give yourself the liberty to not feel bad about it, but learn and move on. And this is probably what every mother will tell you. So, keep calm, and remember you will always do and think the best for your baby.

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