Mother's Diary: 3 Tips to handle newborns

Updated on Nov 17, 2021 01:50 PM IST  |  88.1K
Tips to handle newborns
3 Tips to handle newborns

No matter how many master plans you had for handling situations, sometimes you learn on the job. Such is the case with motherhood. While you may be thinking of the best ways to handle your newborn, sometimes nothing comes to your rescue.

This leaves new mothers anxious and irritated. Even after the numerous breastfeeding sessions, the baby may still cry and won’t go to sleep.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy for new mothers while handling newborns.

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Maintain a calm environment

If your baby cries too much and won’t sleep, make sure you are maintaining a silent and calm environment around him or her. If you live in a joint family, assign a room, which is away from all the chaos of the house, for your baby. You can also play soothing music; this may help your baby fall asleep quickly.

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Make sure your baby’s sleep is not disturbed

If your baby wakes up crying, there are high chances that his or her sleep has been interrupted by loud voices or some outdoor noise. Babies are habituated to the peaceful and comfy environment of their mother's belly, and it may take some time for them to adjust to the outside world. Hence, make sure, your baby’s room stays uninterrupted. Avoid constant ins and outs to the room. If your baby gets disturbed in the middle of his or her sleep, there are chances he or she will stay cranky the whole day.

Check for wet diapers

A wet diaper is one of the most common reasons behind a crying baby. While it is imperative, and most mothers do it, to check the baby’s diaper and change it every now and then, sometimes you may miss it. If your baby is not hungry and is still crying, it is possible that his diaper needs a change, even if you have done it recently.

If, none of this help and you still find your baby crying, check for colic pain. Since there can be several reasons behind a crying baby, it is always good to seek help from a professional if your baby is crying inconsolably.

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