Mother's diary: 3 Tips that will help new mothers get back to work

Updated on Nov 01, 2021 08:42 PM IST  |  223K
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3 Tips that will help new mothers get back to work

Thinking of joining back work after a year-long hiatus, and excellence in changing diapers, preparing baby food, and giving your toddler baths? It may sound daunting, and you may even lose motivation even at the thought of it. However, it won’t be as bad as you think.

You need to remember you have been doing it for as many years as you can remember, and you may be off from it for some time, but this doesn’t mean that it is no longer your cup of tea. It can be hard, overwhelming at times, and even too demanding, but it is a matter of time that you will be back in action, stronger and more experienced. Not to mention, motherhood teaches you qualities that may come in handy at your workplace, too. How, you ask? You are more patient, empathetic, can juggle several things, and a multitasker.

If you still are afraid of getting back to work, here are a few tips that may help.

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Get your researcher’s hat on

Remember, before getting back to work, you have to be well-versed with whatever is happening in your field. Study the trends, see what your competitors are up to, and prepare accordingly. Don’t just take a leap of faith, instead be well-prepared. This will help you gain confidence, and you will feel more comfortable in joining work.

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Talk to people from the same field

Apart from research, what is important, too, is the ability to build contacts in the same field. It will give you an edge over others, and will also help you enter the zone of professionalism. This will clear your doubts, and you may even seek professional help from these people, if they are willing to do so.

Enrol yourself in certificate courses

It’s a no-brainer that experience speaks for itself, but there can be times and situations where you need to evolve according to the demand. If you feel the need, you can enrol in some online certificate courses, and earn the relevant knowledge. It will not only help build your resume, but will also give you insights to the current market.

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