Mother's diary: Here is how working moms can beat the guilt factor

Updated on Oct 22, 2021 02:34 AM IST  |  122.6K
Tips for working mothers
Here is how working moms can beat the guilt factor

Long shifts, continuous work calls, numerous meetings, and a stellar number of long-due presentations, can all make you yearn for a day longer than just 24 hours. More so, if you are a new mother, and have a toddler crying for your love and attention.

It goes without saying that managing work, baby, and the house is nothing less than a Herculean task, and there’s no way one can master it all. However, in pursuit of perfection, what new mothers may end up getting is a feeling of guilt, and embarrassment of not being able to spend time with their babies.

But is this feeling of guilt alright, and normal? We have an answer. While it is normal to have such feelings once in a while, and anyone can get it, what is not is to blame yourself for that.

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Here are a few tips that may help you overcome the guilt factor.

Remember whatever you are doing is ultimately for the good future of your baby

Nobody likes long working hours, but if it is the demand of your job, you will have to do it eventually. Remember you have to set a good example for your baby when s/he grows up. Your hard work, and all your savings will help your child build a bright future for him or herself. Seeing your dedication, and effort, your child, too, will follow your footsteps and will work hard to follow his or her dream. But this doesn’t mean, that you have to neglect yourself.

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Don’t forget you have a life too

While everyone will agree that you have greater responsibility now, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your dreams in order to fit in the criteria of a good mother set by the not-so-concerned society. It’s your baby, and no one can think or do better for him or her than you. But remember, your choices and passion are important, too. Live your life, so that your child can learn to live his or hers.

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Make time for small vacations

Instead of blaming yourself for not being able to spend enough time with your baby, plan short getaways every now and then. Utilise your vacations to spend more time with your family. And when you are doing that, make sure to say no to work. Whatever little time you are giving to your family has to be theirs, without any ifs and buts. Doing this will bring positivity in everybody’s life, and will also help you sail through the guilt factor, easily.

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