Mother's Diary: Here is why new mothers may suffer from forgetfulness

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New mothers and their memory
Here is why new mothers may suffer from forgetfulness

You went to a room to pick up something, and just when you enter you forgot what you wanted. Many of us have suffered from this sudden dementia, and have struggled with the uncomfortable feeling of trying to recall what exactly we wanted to do. While this is common and is not very frequent in many of us, new mothers may feel it every now and then.

Blame the hormones and the sudden shift in lifestyle that triggers forgetfulness in new mothers. Also, the added responsibility of handling a newborn and catering to all his or her needs and juggling multiple things at the same time may make you even more forgetful. After all, it’s not that easy to raise and nurture a mini human.

forgetfulness in new mothers

Not only this, in some cases, new mothers might even forget the names of their family members, and/or mix up names. Their recalling capability may take a backseat and memory seems to have become old and weak. This can lead to both irritation and aggression. You may snap at people for not doing a task, however, in reality, you may haven’t even asked them to do it. Or you may feel confused or a strange feeling might be taking over you. This might continue for weeks, or months, post-delivery depending on the kind of lifestyle one follows.

However, all this is common and there’s nothing to angst about. Following a healthy lifestyle, not stressing much, eating a balanced diet and keeping yourself hydrated at all times, might help alleviate the symptoms.

But, if forgetfulness is taking a toll on your daily life and you are unable to perform daily tasks, it is always advisable to seek help from your doctor. Your doctor may help you follow a healthy lifestyle, or will ask you to make certain modifications to it.

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However, if the symptoms are mild, here are a few tips that may help.

Set reminders for everything

Be it refilling your water tank every evening or taking your medicines on time, set reminders for every task you have to do. You can do this first thing in the morning every day, or can schedule it for a couple of days, according to your needs.

setting reminders

Be physically active

Forgetfulness might take a toll on your health, and you may feel demotivated to perform daily tasks. But make sure that you are staying active and not let the feeling take over you. Physical activity, doctors suggest, will help you sail through the phase.

Don’t blame yourself for missing on things

If you have forgotten to set reminders or do certain things, don’t blame yourself for that. Give yourself the liberty to make mistakes, more so since you are going through a delicate phase in your life. Ask your family members for help, and never feel embarrassed for getting a helping hand. Have faith that this, too, shall pass. Stay calm, happy, and, most importantly, healthy.

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