Mother's Diary: Here's why new mommies might become cranky and emotional

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 03:56 AM IST  |  129.9K
Emotions in new mothers
Here's why new mommies might become cranky and emotional

Sudden breakdown, cranky behaviour, irritability, and snapping at people for no good reason, this is what your early days into motherhood will look like. Blame the hormones, sleepless nights, constant feeding, and diaper changing sessions, that may leave you drained out of energy, emotionally weak, and struggling to put things back into place.

While many may regret and even feel embarrassed for being cranky at all times, the fact is that this is normal. Exhaustion does take a toll on your overall health, and it becomes impossible to avoid it in the early days of motherhood.

So, if you have been wondering why there’s a blast of emotions in you a few days after delivery, here’s the answer.

cranky and emotional new mother

Sleep becomes a myth

All new mothers will know that a good night’s sleep is nothing but a myth. You have to stay awake for most of the night to change diapers, breastfeed, or just calm down your baby. Newborns are a tough deal to crack and it may take them a few days to make a routine. So, till then, you have to fight for your sleep. This is why most new mothers stay cranky the whole day due to extreme fatigue.

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Life turns upside down

Late-night movie dates have now turned to babysit sessions. Romantic talks with your partner are something that you no longer have time for. Personal space is gone, and your body is still struggling to come out of the delivery phase. All these major changes can be hard to adapt to in the initial days and may leave new mothers stressed, irritated, and cranky all day.

No full stop to tears

You may find yourself crying out of happiness, sadness, anger, irritation, and basically everything. Your way of expressing might be limited to crying. This is not your fault. Hormones may be rushing inside your body. And, of course, the never-ending stress can make you cry.

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